Write 365: 752 – Open Road

I sit back and reflect on the path I’ve traveled in my life’s span
Opportunities squandered or not taken seriously, not a part of my plan
Relationships formed and dissolved which is of mainly myself at fault
Not pointing fingers at anyone but myself when I crashed into the asphalt
Bruised up but I’m still a fighter as these days it’s a must to continue on
New chances to right yesterday’s wrongs when we approach a brand new dawn
Thought I was alone but there are those who send love and words to encourage
Thankful for you al and when I make it through, I’ll extend the bridge
Times where I thought you didn’t hear me but you set me on that course
My footprints left the trail and not having those feelings of remorse
With this new journey approaching, I’m going to need it more than ever
Pulling me back to find my focus and purpose as I almost crossed that border
Can’t take this for granted so I’m going all in to beat these odds
Out here to make a difference in this world and to silence the frauds

Whatever I Feel Like Speaking On…