Drunk Baby

Drunk Baby

Another Wednesday is here folks. Allow me to help you in getting over the hump.

1. Back To School: It’s that time of the year where you see the back to school photos and in some cases, have to deal with the loud ass high school students (Damn, I sound old) during the morning or afternoon commute.

2. Jeezy Among Those Arrested After Weapons Search: Jeezy was among the six people arrested on weapons charges after police searched the bus. This comes on the heels of a man being fatally shot backstage at a Wiz Khalifa show, which is the tour that Jeezy is currently on. This is a bad time for Jeezy to be getting in trouble with his latest album, Seen It All: The Autobiography in stores on Tuesday.

3. Every Simpsons Ever: On FXX, they’ve been airing every episode of The Simpsons. I started watching the marathon on Sunday as I was out of town the past few days. So I missed episodes with Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure. Hmph!

4. According To Attorney, John Crawford Was Shot And Killed On Sight: John Crawford, who was shot and killed in Ohio Wal-Mart was said to been “shot “on sight” in a “militaristic” response by police”. One of the two police officers involved with that shooting still remains on administrative leave.

5. Apple May Replace Your Battery (If Eligible): Apple stated on their website that a “small percentage” of phones are experiencing a flaw that causes their battery to drain quickly. But if your phone’s screen was shattered while you were in the club hitting the “Shmoney Dance”, it’s not eligible.

Michael Brown Funeral

Michael Brown Funeral

Michael Brown was laid to rest today. After two weeks of protests, autopsies and much unrest, Michael Brown who was only 18 was finally laid to rest today. I can’t bear to think what Brown’s family could be going through during this time. It just makes me realize even more why my mother is so concerned for my safety these days. Just seems like a bad nightmare and open season on blacks in general.

What really set things off today was an article by The New York Times writer John Eligon in which he paints Michael Brown as not being an angel.

As a boy, Michael was a handful. When his parents put up a security gate, he would try to climb it. When they left out pens and pencils, he would use them to write on the wall. He used to tap on the ground, so his parents got him a drum set; his father played the drums. He grew into a reserved young man around people he did not know, but joking and outgoing with those close to him.

Now the fact was that no one was claiming that Michael Brown was an angel. What Brown’s family and the world wanted to know was how to do you fire upon an unarmed man so many times and why is that police officer murderer still free? Throughout the article, Eligon gives examples of where Brown’s troubled side came into play. Again, what did those examples have to do with Brown being shot down in the middle of the street? It seemed as if from the start, Brown flaws were pointed out and put on display. But then when the murderer’s name was released, everyone wants the facts before judgement. He (the murderer) was dead wrong for his actions and fuck everyone taking up for him.

There are plenty of us walking this earth that had our bad times and were rough around the edges but does that mean we deserve to die? When someone that’s white passes away, the media and society tries to spin things in the deceased favor. It’s not fair at all and it’s a shame that it takes the publicized death of black males to bring light of the biased ways of the media and society.


Houston Museum of African-American Culture

On Saturday, Nerd Boo and I had the pleasure of visiting Houston Museum of African American Culture. When we arrived, I noticed that the Kinsey Collection was the featured exhibit at the museum. I remembered when that same exhibit was here in Baltimore at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum but I wasn’t able to visit it until this past weekend.

On the lower level of the HMAAC, there were pieces that documented the very beginnings of African-Americans in this country (an early marriage record and baptismal record showed this) all the way up to Reconstruction after the Civil War. There was a diagram of a slave ship and just seeing how our ancestors were stacked and it showed why some of them drowned rather than be dragged to another country against their will. Other Kinsey Collection pieces included documents such as a slave trade insurance schedule from the Albemarle Insurance Company and an census record in which black slaves were considered 3 fifths of a person in comparison to the white males. That still had me stunned that my ancestors were consider to be 60% of a person. Also on display where the very first editions of Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years A Slave and Phillis Wheatley’s Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral.

On the second level, we were greeted by painting of Paul Robeson’s The Song of Freedom. There were many different types of paints (oil, abstract, realism, etc) and I came across a painting by William Sylvester Carter called “The Gambler“, that really captured my attention with the detail and shapes.

The Kinsey Collection has been touring since 2007 (and its final stop is The Houston Museum of African American Culture). The collections details African American history over 400 years and there’s a lot you can learn just from experiencing it. It shows that how we’re treated in the past and during our present time has similar parallels. I’m glad that we took the time out to see this exhibit and learn more information about our ancestors.

Hump Day

Hump Day

I haven’t been so happy so see Wednesday but I’m even more happy to bring you these five thoughts.

1. The Latest From Ferguson: Just from watching the news, I’m just emotionally spent from all that I’ve learned. It seems that things are starting to calm now (or not, depending on who’s talking) but those in charge of the investigation need to do the right thing and arrest Darren Wilson.

2. Johnny Manziel Flips ‘Skins The Bird; Loses Out In Starting Quarterback Race: Johnny “Money” Manziel is getting that NFL reality first hand. In a preseason game against Washington, he flipped his middle finger at their sideline because he was mocked by Brian Orakpo as he did Manziel’s ‘Money Dance’ after he was sacked by Ryan Kerrigan. Then head coach Mike Pettine named Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. I’m sure that if Hoyer doesn’t perform up to standards, fans will want Manziel in the game.

3. Man Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding: Tucker Blandford faked his death to get out of his marriage to Alex Lancaster. A man claiming to be Blandford’s father called Lancaster to say that he was threw himself in front of a car because he was depressed. But once she spoken to his mother, she discovered that it was a lie and that no one on his side of the family knew about the wedding. In a way, he catfished her. Damn shame.

4. What’s $100 Worth In Each State: According to Tax Foundation, they found that answer for those that are in the the need to know. The least was the District of Columbia ($84.60) and the furthest is Mississippi ($115.74).

5. Ice Bucket Challenge: If you haven’t noticed, the Ice Bucket Challenge has the internet going nuts. The charity of choice is for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig’s disease and the challenge was actually started years ago by former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates. There’s been many viral videos of athletes, celebrities and regular Joe’s and Jane’s all taking part. Some people are frowning upon the idea of the challenge but for others, it’s bringing awareness to a disease that affects people as young as the age of 40.

Sixteen Amigos

Lesnar Wins

Summer Slam 2014 is in the books and we have new champions. Yes, that is plural. I’m going to recap and give my thought on the matches that aired on the PPV.

1. Rob Van Dam def. Cesaro (Pre-show): Great match between these two. Still wondering why Cesaro has been handed majority of losses as of late but if he would have won over RVD, it wouldn’t have done much for him in the long run.

Before the PPV started, Hulk Hogan came out and cut a promo about the WWE Network. They’re going to milk him as being the nostalgic factor in the WWE Network.

2. Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship match): Ah Dolph Ziggler captured his second Intercontinental title here. The Miz shows why he’s great as a heel as the arrogance factor was evident here. After a few near falls, Ziggler picks up the win with the Zig Zag.

3. Paige def. AJ Lee (WWE Divas Championship): I guess these two are going to play flip flop with the Divas Title. These two divas are great at the psychological aspect and they pulled off a few decent spots. Paige got the win and the title when she pulled this out: RamPaige

4. Rusev vs Jack Swagger (Flag match): This match I wasn’t too high on but Rusev impresses with his skill in the ring. And Lana cutting a promo on Hollywood before the match was great. Swagger was accompanied to the ring with the U.S. Servicemen and was attacked before the match by Rusev. Swagger counted and put Rusev in the Patriot Lock which caused Rusev to sell the bad ankle throughout the contest. Swagger didn’t tap out but the ref called the match since he passed out. Then as a reminder of his sins, Rusev kicked Zeb Coulter in the face.

5. Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose (Lumberjack match): Now the lumberjacks used in this match, were all former victims of The Shield. This match was all over the place. Rollins and Ambrose took the match into the stands which prompted Corporate Kane to come out and demand that all the Lumberjacks retrieve Rollins and Ambrose. The funny part of that was when Rollins was trying to leave and he was cornered by The Dust Brothers, Kofi and others then they carried him back as if he was a lost member of The Rose Express. Huge spot came when Ambrose came flying off the top rope into them all. But the best spot of that match came here: AmbroseRollins
The finish came when Corporate Kane broke up an Ambrose pin and then he was confronted by Goldust. Kane hits Goldust and then all the Lumberjacks enter the ring and fights it out. (How Kane left without getting hit is beyond me.) After Ambrose cleared the ring of Rowan and Harper, Rollins hit Ambrose with the MITB briefcase for the victory.

^^^^^^^ AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

6. Bray Wyatt def Chris Jericho: Great match with Bray Wyatt picking up the victory. I hate how Wyatt’s character has been cut and sliced up by creative but he still has the support of some in the audience. (I heard those Wyatt chants.) The apron that Wyatt had on look like he was cooking up that work. Jericho succeeded at putting over his opponent. It’s what he does best.

7. Stephanie McMahon def Brie Bella: This was the Billion Dollar Baroness first match in ten years. Stephanie has surpassed her father in terms of who is the best McMahon heel. Stephanie got in Brie’s head as during the match she asked “Who’s my bitch?” Brie did get some offense in during the match so it wouldn’t be totally one sided. The end came when Triple H came running out then Nikki Bella followed shortly after. Triple H pulled the referee out of the ring during a Brie Bella pin which lead to Brie dropkicking him through the ropes and then a Daniel Bryan moment: Yes

Stephanie was cornered by the Bella Twins then Nikki struck Brie which lead to Stephanie picking up the victory.

8. Roman Reigns def Randy Orton: WAIT… THIS WAS THE COOL OFF MATCH?! This match had some nice spots as Orton did a great job carrying this match. Reigns debuted a new look and the crowd was really behind him. Orton’s counter game isn’t to be fucked with. When he countered the spear into a powerslam then a few minutes later countered a Reigns clothesline into an RKO. Sheeish. Orton was ready to punt Reigns head into the next county but Reigns swiped his leg then hit a huge spear to get the win.

9. Brock Lesnar def John Cena: This match can be summed up in two ways. First: German Suplex


Sixteen German Suplexes. Sixteen. Vince McMahon must’ve promised Cena something big down the road for being beaten like this.

Final Thoughts: Great PPV overall. I wasn’t mad at any of the results but I was surprised at two of the title changes. The U.S. Title and the Tag Team Titles were #nosold and Sheamus wasn’t even at the PPV. (Not even a Lumberjack.) Paul Heyman is going to talk his shit and I’m sure Nikki Bella will explain her actions on Monday Night RAW.

Paige Crawl

King’s reaction though.


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