Restoration (Go Back).

I miss you… the way that you made me feel
Emotions evoked whenever you were in my presence
We expressed ourselves with ease as it flowed naturally
All that is left are scattered remains like ashes from blunts
Elegant statements would drip on you as we breathed life
Empty and barren colloquy which left my heart in fragments
Filled you with metaphors about the greatness of us
Void is felt and bright days are now dull and littered with absence

Early days of interactions, I was apprehensive in approaching
In return, you lit a fire and lead me from out of my skin
Stroked my instrument and release the substance of what was contained
Look where our relationship took us and how that feeling made me sin
The more that I dipped my soul into you, the more absorbed the desire
Cravings for you increased and you had my world in a spin
Became more frustrated due to my lust in pleasing you lead me astray
All I wanted was that affection that you gave me when we first begun

Return to the current with the remainder that what we had as faded
Can’t deny being displeased that others are the reason that you yearn
And get fulfilled to and beyond the levels that I still aim to attain
Trying to come up with dialogue and the pain leave me with a deep soul
Would give anything to bring us back to where we once were
Mistakes and missteps happened and because of that I have learn
Important lessons and I’m using this as means to persuade
And seduce you with what make you peak, drip and always willing to return

Whatever I Feel Like Speaking On…