Wednesday is here and I’m ready to hit you with these thoughts. Let’s get it on!!!!!

1. Rick Ross Doesn’t Want Guns In His Restaurants: Rick Ross, who has opened some new Wingstop eateries, doesn’t want guns in his places to eat. The 38 year old rapper believes that it is ‘best to leave your gun in the vehicle’ and to go inside to enjoy your meal. Wingstop, however, revealed that they don’t support his music and that his lyrical content doesn’t define who their company is. Hopefully Rozay can keep the business afloat with great practices.

2. Wives Frustrated With Sex? They Have Spreadsheets Too.: Looks like creating a spreadsheet to document your marital sexual woes is the new wave. The wife in this spreadsheet documented 30 days of trying to get sex from her husband and what those results were. I don’t get it but I wonder if there are any other married couples that do that?

3. Stephen A. Smith Apologies For Domestic Violence Comments; Suspended For One Week: Stephen A. Smith recorded an apology (for his remarks on DV from Friday) on Monday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take and was then suspended for a week. I’m sure that Smith knew what he meant by his comments but didn’t clarify it to where it was properly understood. Even still, he would have received backlash from the public eye. Also it was noted that he has a new show that will be airing on SiriusXM Radio.

4. New Missy Elliot Album?: It’s been nine years since we’ve had a full blown Missy Elliot album and I’m sure the world is ready for her return. Timbaland says that she has a first single ready to go and it’s on her when she wants to release it. Come on Missy, we need this new heat.

5. Power Season Finale: The season one finale of Power airs this Saturday and questions needs to be answered. If you have Starz, just watch the first seven episodes because binge TV watching is in. After being told about the show by a co-worker, I’ve put others on to it. So what are you waiting for? Get to watching now!

Nicki Minaj

“Sex Sells.” – Someone Drunk With Power

When female rappers were a main force in rap/hip-hop, their skills set was right up there with how they looked in photos, videos, interviews, etc. Then as time went on, the scope of the looks started to speed past the skill set and then you had just pretty girls that had mic presence but the skills were lacking. Then the promotional poster for Lil Kim’s Hardcore was in our faces and then the game truly changed.

“And all you rappers sellin’ more sex than skill, chill
I’ll rip your style, all the while keep my sex appeal” – Queen Latifah from “Name Callin’

Lil Kim & Foxy Brown

In this video clip from MTV News, Tabitha Soren discussed the response that Lil Kim and Foxy Brown were receiving about the content of their music. The people on the street interviewed gave mixed reviews about the Hardcore poster. Hardcore went double platinum and Foxy Brown’s Ill Na Na went platinum. So sex did sell for these two young ladies back in 1996.

Fast forward to the present. Nicki Minaj is the currently what mainstream radio/media considers to be the leading female rapper today. When she begin to pick up steam, she was everywhere. And if another female rapper tried to get a look, nope mainstream radio/media threw more Nicki in viewers faces. When she was on Lil’ Wayne’s I Am Music II tour performing “Did It On’em”, she pulled out the fake dick. Little kids were in attendance and no one said a thing.


The cover to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” was released last week. Of course, the creeps and perverts loved it. But now, it’s people that were supportive of her now questioning the message she’s sending out to her younger fans. Parents could have been making adjustments as to not have those images flood their children’s memory banks. Mainstream media could have been looking out for viewers in that aspect but no. They ran it and now… it’s a problem. I mean you knew what you were going to get when you created this monster. So don’t be afraid of it now that the monster is taking a life of its own.

Fall For You

Fall For You

I remember seeing Leela James videos on VH1 Soul and always felt captivated by her vocals and vocal range. Her latest release Fall For You comes on the heels of her joining the latest season of R&B Divas: L.A.. This is the first full release that I’ve heard from her so I’m sure that I was in for a treat.

Fall For You begins with the uptempo “Who’s Gonna Love You More“. Fellow soul singer Anthony Hamilton joins Leela on “Say That” as both singers want to hear that they are wanted by their significant other. Leela James states how her world is without him: “See my sun won’t shine/Ain’t no stars at night/I swear the sky ain’t blue/It’s raining strong and gray without you/Ain’t no flame in the fire/I’m just empty inside/I’m sick but I’m there with all/I’m spending my days and being without you” Anthony Hamilton comes up crooning in his Old Negro Spiritual way: “So what’s it gonna be?/Even the blind could see/You can’t deny this love defined between you and me/See I love you baby (and I love you boy)/I couldn’t love you more/It’s you for me and me for you/This love we have it’s true“. Great song right here. “Everything” reminds me of when you find that you’ve been waiting for and it’s everything that you could imagine: “Waited so long/Seems like a lifetime/But then, yeah, came you/To mend my broken heart/Heaven, should be an angel/So this time I know it’s true/Seeing what’s real” “Stay With Me” is a very dope and intimate record. The type of record that makes you want to call out of work and curl up with your loved one: “Stay with me/Don’t leave me I need you/To hold me and touch me, kiss me/Never leave my side, I swing and you’re not here/I’m ust not the same” The album’s lead and title single “Fall For You” shows Leela giving her all to lover: “My heart is ready/For love and to be loved/And I chose you, baby/That’s the one thing I’m sure of“. Leela’s vocals are strong on this track and it gives you that sense of reality of when you give your all to another person.

Listening to Fall For You reminds me of the late 80′s/early 90′s R&B Soul sounds that defined that genre. Some great songs on this album and it’s one that you would want to pull your S/O close and just vibe to the music. Hopefully, Leela James being on the new season of R&B Divas: L.A. helps her gain some new fans.

“As a black man, you are my equal, my counterpart. America looks down on us simply because of the color of our skin, so I expect us not to put each other down. Life me as I lift you, support me as I support you, love me as I love you.” – Nerd Boo

That was the response that I received today when I asked that question. I followed that up by asking do I make her feel safe and protected when we’re out? I was told that I do. What made that come up? Well, it seems as if with more issues of street harassment on the rise, more ladies are wishing that more men stick up for them. Now I’m starting to wonder am I doing something wrong? When I’m going to work or elsewhere in my travels, I’m alert to my surroundings. But am I supposed to be a vigilante searching out for justice?

I know that these things occur because I hear about them often. It’s disgusting what ladies have to deal with on the daily but if I’m accompanying them, I don’t hear none of that. Now is it because I may be an imposing figure? I get that a lot. “Oh Derek, you’re so intimidating.” I’m actually not. I remember I was dating a young lady a few years ago and a co-worker of hers was in town as well so we met up with them and he thought I was mean as fuck. I’m like really?!

But the point of this post is for us to have mature dialogue on this subject. You say that you want us to help you, we need to know how? I’ve seen hashtags and other posts on this but we need to communicate to each other and not play tit for tat. In the end, we all need each other. We can do better as a united front rather than cause further damage being divided.

Where has the days gone? Idk but here is another Wednesday and another five thoughts. So let’s get into it!

1. DMX And His Love For Dog Food: Oh me, oh my. While in an airport, TMZ and DMX had an exchange about dog food which lead to the rapper admitting that he’s eaten it. I don’t know if it was the brand of crack in the past or was he just curious but sheeish.

2. Tiny Asks “What The Fuck You Gon Do”?: Remember when Tiny was in Xscape and she had her solo moments on their albums? Well, she has a new song out where she’s asking her lover (I’m going to go with T.I. here) what is he gonna do if she leaves? Interesting how this will turn out.

3. Tony Dungy Clarifies Remarks Based On Michael Sam: Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy made some comments that implied that he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam. After catching criticism about those comments, Dungy then stated that his comments was based on the fact that a reality show was being planned for the NFL rookie at the time and that would have brought on unneeded distractions. Michael Sam brushed off the comments as saying ‘Everyone is entitled to their own opinions’. The question is will Michael Sam be able to cut it in the NFL? Like actually play on defensive snaps, read the offense, stop a 3rd and short? Things like that.

4. One Sided Debates: If you’re going to just proclaim that your argument is right and that anyone else that doesn’t agree with you is wrong, I’m just going to write you off as an idiot and not take you seriously in any future discussions.

5. For Harriet Editor Sparks Outrage With Article: Today on Twitter, I came across an article where the editor of For Harriet, a site for women of African descent, states that she won’t march for Eric Garner. (The Staten Island man killed by the NYPD that was caught on tape.) In her article, she states that she will not will not rally for him because she’s ‘reserving my mental and emotional energy for the women, the Black women, no one will speak for’. As I continued to read the article, it seemed that the author made this a point about street harassment that women of color face and how no one wants to stick up for them. Now, while we all have the right to say what we will and won’t rally for, the fact that I’ve seen people use this man’s death as an agenda to push across their pettiness is uncalled for. We have to pick and choose our battles while being mindful of what reactions this will bring from others.


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