Sundays Mean Mondays are on the horizon..

What’s good world? I’ve been gone alllllllll day today. I was at my mother’s church for her Pastor’s Anniversary. Both services were great and there were a lot of testimonies shared through out the day. One lady told about how she was cured of breast cancer. Two others spoke of how doctor’s stated that they couldn’t have children but they were proved wrong. When you hear of a person’s testimony about how they came from the worst of themselves and became the spiritual person they are, it’s an inspiration because here you might be thinking that the world is down on you and nothing is going right. But then that one person will show up and tell their story about how they were into drugs, alcohol, doing all the negative things in life and now they have become saved and living their life for Christ. Now a lot of people aren’t too fond of the church, to be honest, I still have my reservations(due to some actions that were portrayed by others.) Now my mother has said that you’re going to church to give Christ the glory, but it’s always that one or two people there that rubs you the wrong way. My mother showed prime examples of that during service. Church goers can be some of the nicest, humble people that you will meet, but there are others that will make you just not want to show up anymore.

Ok so like I missed Wrestlemania 24. I really wanted to see the Flair/HBK retirement match. That probably was the only match, I was pumped for since Ric Flair has been wrestling since before I was born. And I see folks Y! stats and blogs saying they are watching it and they lucky I don’t…wait let me find it..

So tomorrow begins another glorious work week…womp. Well at least Friday is PAYDAY!!!!!

Oh yeah school’s back in session too…Double womp.