Weekend Recap…

Damn I haven’t blogged in a few days but let’s recap shall we.


– hit the mall and brought a few things

– saw Harold and Kumar new movie


– chilled during the day and went out to UNO’s in the evening. Two incidents involving young black females occurred. Then wanted to say they felt embarrassed about what happened. Nah I felt that way after ya’ll left and folks was talking about you.

– went to the movies and saw Baby Mama. Didn’t have to pay cuz I was at my old job.. HA!


– went to the Backlash PPV. Matt Hardy = New U.S. Champ; Triple H = New WWE Champ

Cryme Tyme, Maria and Mick Foley are true professionals. I’ll give props to others for at least saying hello.

Ok that’s it for now I’m out… Peace.