While It Is Fresh On My Mind

So I currently have two gripes when it comes to dealing with other people. First is people thinking that they so are knowledgeable about a person that they can say what they want. And second, hanging out with people.

So I was at lunch today, with Thing 1 and Thing 2. So I ordered lunch from this restaurant and Thing 2 asks why I didn’t see if anyone else wanted anything. So I said the same reason that no one didn’t ask if I wanted a bagel. So they both started laughing and Thing 2 goes that’s how you are tit for tat? I’m like yeah. That’s how I feel about things like that in general. So Thing 1 goes into this who rant about all I want is for people to kiss my ass and a whole bunch of other shit. My thing is this, I shouldn’t have to look out for you when it comes to you eating unless it’s a mutual thing. That’s just how I am. If you look out for me, I’ll look out for you. It just irks me how people just think that they know a person just by working for them for a few months.

The second issue is the subject of hanging out with other people. Now the discussion that I was having about this was that of when people plan cookouts, parties, etc and your weren’t initially invite, should you attend even after the person told you to still attend. Now if the group wanted to include you, then they could have called, text, left a message on myspace. I mean technology is more advance in recent years. Then it’s like you get called for acting funny but you weren’t invited so why even go through the trouble of attending?

I’m out.