Teenage Dating.

Ok I have a little sister. She’s not really my sister but we have that sibling rivalry with each other. So she’s starting 7th grade and you know around that time that’s they start to attract the opposite sex. So there is this dude that is 14 calling her and what not. But she doesn’t like him and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.(Bullshit I say. You should hear the things that come out of her mouth.) So he called twice and she didn’t answer the phone. He called a third time and I answered the phone. So I’m talking to him and he’s talking all this yadda yadda in my ear like “I’m not like these other guys. I really like her. I’m a virgin” So since I’m older and like Sunshine Anderson says heard it all before, I kicks the real to him. She didn’t want to talk to him at all but he was thinking that I was lying. So after all that back and forth, I hung up the phone. He called back an hour later and my mother answered the phone. She started preaching to him seriously. Then it comes out that dude is in high school.

I had to grab the phone back on that note. High School? He has plenty of freshman and upper classmen at his disposal and he wants to kick it with a barely teenage female who is in middle school? When I started high school, middle females instantly became a thing of the past. Although I would hear whispers of dudes(mostly 9th graders) still chopping it up with middle school females, it was a sea of upper classmen ladies there. Especially Gym Class. So he’s still going on and on about liking her. So when I handed the phone to lil sis, she simply hung up. He called back once more and my mother got serious and pulled the “If-You-Don’t-Stop-Calling-Here-I-Will-Have-Your-Mother-Phone-Cut-Off” card and after that he was no more.

The point I’m trying to make: Be aware of who your siblings are talking to in this day and age. Even if they are annoying little pests, just keep an eye out. R. Kelly just beat charges that were 6 years old.