We Truly Are Family

I was going to use this blog to speak about my cousin’s charge but today I’m going to spin this on a more positive note.

Today after I got off work, I paid a visit to my extended family. Now I say extended because my immediate family is very small (Me, moms, grandmoms, auntie). And between the day that I was born till like 7, it was just my mother and I staying with people and just struggling.

So one day, we paid a visit to this one family that lived in the projects. It was a two parent home and it was some kids there my age. So my mother started to pay visits to this family more often and then we moved across the streets from the projects. So I’m trying to fit in and the youngest daughter used to bully me alot. So since I was trying to be cool, I used to let her beat me up all the time. Years passed and we got older and it’s been a lot that has occurred. So as I said around and we talked, we reminisced about the good ol days. So I look at how much my life as changed by being around them. And if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.