Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Good morning with kisses in the sunlight
Not wanting to leave your side
Having vivid memories of last night
You moaned, I begged, clothes came off
Your touch sent a shock up my spine
Damn kiss me again. Lips are seductive and oh so soft
Musical sounds of your voice as I explored your territory
You pushed me in deep wanted to get it rough
Bodies danced in unison as we reached that climatic joy

Late afternoon and I’m feening for that drug
Shoot that love inside my soul
Send me shaking, eyes rolling in my head
What…ahh fuck I am losing control
Can’t wait until I see your smile
Fuck saying hello and how was your day
I want to taste those nipples so kindly remove that blouse

It’s the evening and your are wearing that beater
I’m feeling so hot that I could set off a 4-alarm blaze
Love making, love creation, love so amazing
I would just want to be in your company for days
Embracing your touch, sealing your kiss, going farther than where we start
Knowing that I want to give our forever
Because like a thief, you’ve stolen my heart.