B.E.T. Awards/Twitter/Idiots…

So tonight, was the B.E.T. Awards and since it was a few days after the untimely death of Michael Jackson, we thought that we were going to be in store for a great event. Well when it comes to B.E.T., you get what you pay for.

So I’m on twitter w/ my Kinfolk and we were just going in. When I look at the performances, I just question the direction that music has traveled in? Like the dudes that sing that Jerk song, they looking like they shucking and jiving along.

B.E.T. should be ashamed of themselves. If this was the way for them to honor Michael Jackson, then I want a refund and I saw it for free. VMA’s are in September, so I know they will have something better. But really I know that we’re supposed to embrace the new talent, but if they aren’t holding up to the standards of some listeners then you can’t force it on them. So back to the original topic, I was hoping that certain artists would realize that it wasn’t about them and do some tributes to M.J. But we couldn’t get that at all. Jamie Fox was meh as a host. He had a few funny liners (Telling Diddy don’t stop dancing or he’ll moonwalk all over his ass) I was mad that he did that flicked ass routine of the Beat It dance. Soulja Boy did Turn My Swag On (I don’t support black culture because I don’t like Soulja Boy) Ok and what is so perfect about Beyonce? If someone finds an answer to that please make me aware of it. Ne-Yo did his thing w/ Lady In My Life. Stacey.. I mean Keri Hilson had a performance. Trey Songz, Tyrese and Johnny Gill paid tribute to The O’Jays. Eddie Levert started had a classic moment of the night( #dancingandshit) Speaking of which, what was up with the censors? I know someone lost their job… Don C was allowed to introduce The O’Jays but Chris Brown couldn’t perform. Why did they have to reenact Baby Boy? Ving Rhames said bitches and Keyshia Cole mouth dropped. Like Frankie or Nettie haven’t said that word before. They kept showing clips of Tiny and Toya (Hoodrat Central will have that on lock. ) You know what… I’m not even gonna go into the rest. Especially that performance w/ Drake (well the ACL was torn) and Wayne/Young Money/Birdman.

Janet made a lot of people teary eyed when she was on stage. I know it was hard for her but she has support from millions and millions around the world.

I’m not going to spend time on this either but yeah it was a tumblr site floating around called OMG Black People. Just goes to show how some people are ignorant. But whatever, we mature ones are better than that. So we just let the fools be fools.

I’m hoping that when B.E.T. execs look at the replay and see what we saw, they’ll be sure to just realized that biggest mistake they have made and folks will run rampant with this.