Well 2009 shall be coming to an end in a few hours and I just wanted to post what my thoughts were on this year.

This year has had its ups and down as life manages to deliver us. If I could go back, I would re-evaluate some decisions that I made. Some things may have faired different but I can’t look at that right now. A good friend of mine gave me something to ponder about on Wednesday. She said that I push away the ones that love me but I hold on to those that could give a fuck less about me. That’s been a downfall of mines and I hope that in 2010 that won’t be more of the same.

“And all of my of friends think I’m crazy for loving you/But they don’t know/There’s nothing else I can do/And it’s too bad ’cause love is blind.”

– Alicia Keys

See you in 2010.