Tuesday's Tracks w/ Reasy: The Duets Edition. 03.30.10

This week’s post is going to take a listen to some of my favorite duets. They may be some of your favorites as well.

1. Aaliyah & DMX – Back In One Piece (Romeo Must Die Soundtrack)

Ah yes. I love this track at the time where both artists where on top of the music game and they stepped into the acting field. DMX sets the tone in the opening verse:

Every once in a while I’ll break out the backyard to roam
And get reckless
But I still know that home is home
And when I get there I’mma sit there
Take a {shit} there put my {dick} there
Do I handle my business?
{shit} yeah

2. Christina Milian feat. Ja Rule – Get Away

This track was slept on heavy on urban radio. But it’s still a duet that I play regularly. Here Christina and Ja finally stop the games and put things in motion:

[JR:] I’m not ya man so I’m feelin’ like a one-night stand
I’d be convenient for the both, I know you feel me
[CM:] Well come on lets do this
No thought to it, lets give our love a chance.
[JR:] Cause when ya lovin’ me, kiss, hug, love with me
I’m trying to get it where you can’t get enough of me
Baby girl, I just wanna be free
[CM:] Well come on boy and love me, love me, love me

3. Usher & Monica – Slow Jams

One of my favorite tracks from the ‘My Way’ album. Usher and Monica did an outstanding job on this track. Shame that we didn’t get more collaborations from these two. Here Monica shines on this verse:

I waited all night long just to dance with you
And when you touched my hand
I knew you were the man
To turn my world around
And make my dreams come true

4. Luther Vandross feat. Gregory Hines – There’s Nothing Better Than Love

Classic. No words can even describe the feeling when this song gets played. The chorus says it all:

There’s nothing better than love
What in the world
could you ever be thinking of
It’s better by far
So let yourself reach for that star
And go no matter how far
To the one you love
To love

5. Raphael Saadiq feat. D’Angelo – Be Here

You ever hear that song where it just have you thinking about that special someone and you wish they was there? Yeah this is that track right here. A banger from Raphael and D’Angelo. D’Angelo gives the reasons as to why she should be there:

You should be here in the evenin’
Get to squeezin’, teasin’
Forget the reason
Why you’re shook up
Oh, lately you should see the tricks that I got
Oh, for you, mama
Specially in bed my lady
Let’s get lazy and make babies, you make me hot
You should be here

Now I know folks are gonna be like some classics are missing. No they aren’t. Just that I didn’t want to go the Captain Obvious route and pick the sure fire ones. I’ll come back at a later date and do this again.. This post was fun.