J. Cole, Drake, okay Nicki Minaj as well…

Yeah man I am extra hyped about J. Cole man and you know what I really
like and most people will look at this negatively but I like how Hov is
standing pat as far as you don’t hear him running around over saturating
J. Cole a la Baby/Lil Wayne and their man crushes on Drizzy and Hov also
has implored some tactics that I even use with my siblings sometimes, he
kind of publicly cosigns Drake and them other cats all the time and
lets the fans make their judgments on Cole themselves. Being with Jay
can be a gift and a curse and I think he knows that thus why he is
allowing the world to find out and get to know about Cole without
constant endorsements…hope this makes sense…lol It’s a very smart
tactic because people hear J. Cole 1st and then are like yo that’s the
kid Jay signed right there…or you tell them and they are like damn Hov
got that off and that’s how you want it to be, J. Cole is setting
himself up for success and making dope music like “Who Dat” I can’t see
him failing.
– Neo

So J. Cole finally dropped the CDQ of his street single, “Who Dat”. Personally, this track is bananas. He has so many dope bars on this track. Again this isn’t even his official single.


Drake is on tour right now and I’m going to see his show May 5th. So according to Drake, those that attend his show, should come with an open mind. His debut album drops June 15th and it seems as if there’s an indirect competition between Drizzy and Fayette-niem’s own. We all heard the comments of Drake comparing himself to Jay-Z and Cole to Nas. Read the Drake interview as well in XXL (XXL can we get a J. Cole feature?) Hopefully they’ll both just get that paper and put out great music for us fans to enjoy.


So here’s my dilemma (no Nelly or Kelly Rowland)… The young lady above is performing here on May 22nd…

That very same day…


is performing as well. Now I want to be able to make both shows.. being as though Badu show starts at 6pm. Now I know folks may be wondering why I want to see Onika (Nicki’s Govt name) in concert. Quite simple, since she’s the heir apparent for female rappers, it’s time to see if her live show compliments her buzz.