Five Things 05.31.10

Ebony Vixen

Happy Memorial Day readers… Hope that you all enjoyed this weekend and you know tomorrow it’s back to the block. (Figuratively, not literally.)

Today’s Five Things is going to be done by my girl Ashley a.k.a. @EbonyVixen (I hope that she don’t kill me for using that photo of her *wipes drool from my mouth*)

5. Intoxicated men feel like they can smash any female that stays in the same hotel with them.

4. No matter how many black ppl or jews are around, a skin head will proudly display his Nazi swastika all over the beach.

3. There are no longer any rules for bikinis. Beer guts, back rolls, saggy tittys and stretch marks are allowed. O_o

2. It is okay for six men to sit in a Denali and sing Usher songs as long as they throw the word ‘bitch’ in after.

1. My bathing suit is not wave proof and my boobs enjoy making appearances on the beach.