Random Rumblings 07.28.10

1. So earlier on Tuesday as I was browsing Rap Radar, I came across this

Funny shit.. But then those final figures came out and it was more like,


2. Kanye West debuted some songs while visiting Facebook, then the next day was he was at Twitter Headquarters where he finally joined. He already has 170k+ followers.

3. T.O. signed a one year deal with the Bengals which shows that they have VH1 on lockdown Sunday nights. No word if Ray J will sign on as cheerleader.

4. Seems as if the Toronto Raptors GM is unhappy about Chris Bosh’s exit. They should’ve known that if he had an opportunity to win elsewhere, that he would take the exit stage route. I think he decided to wait until the Gilbert fiasco cool before making a comment.

5. In other related news, Lorenzen Wright, a former NBA player, body was found in the woods after being missing for 10 days. My prayers go out to his family.