10 Day Challenge.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. The fact that we have this seesaw of a “friendship” is beyond me. I am crazy about you but you are controlling this like the puppet master. And like an idiot, I keep falling for it. Seems like “Bittersweet” leaves that thought in my mind when I think of you now.

2. I wonder how can you put up with my moody ways and then we go back to like nothing every happened. We constantly fight but you have my back.

3. I know I keep telling you this, but you’re like the big brother I never had. Thanks for the brotherly advice and keep setting the example that we all should follow.

4. I don’t like the fact that we barely speak anymore.

5. I admire the fact that you are doing huge things in your life. I’m proud of you.

6. Thank you for checking on me every day.

7. It’s you and I to the end. Ride Or Die.

8. You are hilarious. They aren’t ready for our reality show.

9. You’re my hero. We’ve been through many struggles but you made sacrifices for me and I’m forever in your debt.

10. Thanks to you, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I hope that you make great strides with your life.

Okay, this 10 Day Challenge is something that I saw Dani doing on her Tumblr. So I decided that I’ll give it a shot.