So Appalled [Review]

Kanye’s verse first dropped late last year and was supposed to appear on Diddy’s Last Train To Paris. Well since there has been many delays on that last train (read: That shit isn’t leaving the station.) so Kanye decided to use the verse for his G.O.O.D Friday song drop and brought a few friends along as well.

Cast Of Characters:

Kanye West


Pusha T

Cyhi Da Prynce


Swizz Beatz

So Swizzy is leading off on the intro (Seems like he’s making a lot of appearances on ‘Ye’s tracks as of late..)

One hand in the air if you don’t really care
two hands in the air if you don’t really care
it’s like that sometimes I mean ridiculous

Then Kanye come on the track with some crazy bars:

Housekeeping, I mean got damn one time
Let it be a bad bitch sweeping
That know we get O’s like Cheerios
That know cuz they seen us in the videos
That know, the day that you play me
Will be the same day MTV play videos

Jay-Z then comes up to bat and like A-Rod in the 9th inning, he knocks it out the park:

dark knight feeling, diary of hero
or live long enough to see yourself become a villain
I went from the favorite to the most hated
or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated
moral victories is for minor league coaches
and ‘Ye already told you we major you cockroaches

MC Hammer, however, didn’t take kindly to Jay-Z saying “the hammer went broke/so you know I’m more focused/I lost thirty mill so I spent another 30/cuz unlike hammer 30 mill can’t hurt me“.

Next on the mic is Pusha T and he’s showing why he’s still a crowd favorite:

I keep the city’s best never said she was the brightest
so if you had it too, it don’t affect me in the slightest
I never met a bitch that didn’t need a little guidance
so I dismiss her past until she disappoint your highness

The new blood on the track Cyhi Da Prynce comes through with a cool verse but it could be retooled in my opinion:

I met this girl on Valentines day fucked her in May
she found out about April so she chose to March
damn another broken heart
I keep bitches by the two’s nigga, Noah’s Ark
I got a seven on me, I call my dro the mark
plus a trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart

Then RZA comes on at the end repeating the hook again and Swizz repeating the intro.

My Thoughts:

I’m glad that ‘Ye missed that last train because this track is bananas. Jay-Z was allegedly mad that ‘Ye released the track since it is slated to appear on their joint album. So it seems as if ‘Ye has another winner.