Mood Muzik 4 [Review]

When we think about classic series, there are few that we can actually count on to be just as great as the one before. In comes Joe Budden, who is now on his fourth installment of his Mood Muzik series. And in true Budden fashion, he starts off the album with an thought provoking intro where he drops lines like:

Now if it goes to the wire
I will never fall, I got the soul of a fighter
Walk barefoot over the coals through the fire
I thought the toll would be lighter
Make sure that blunt is rolled a little tighter
I tell ‘em I’m just looking for some piece of mind
But they say I’m only working with a piece of mine

On the Keyshia Cole sampled ‘Role Reversal’, he talks to his step child’s father to let him know that he understands his pain:

Get my void, I always wanted a family
Just to greet when I get to the door
You gon’ have to take the L, I cant give you yours
Ill do all the work, you ain’t gotta be bothered
You can be his dad, I’ll be his father
I relate though, so I know it hurts
Got to be uncomfortable when the roles reversed

On ‘Dessert 4 Thought’ Joey is joined by Styles P and Pusha T and all three of them deliver on point rhymes over a soulful beat:


You’s a speck, and I’m spectacular
Audio fucking up your cardiovascular
Lyrically spit shit, flip like a spatula
Married to the game, and you just a bachelor
SP and the Mouse in this bitch
And I want it quiet as a mouse in this bitch

Pusha T

My kitchen clean, but I still got the Pilot lit
Made a fortune outta fumes, my Macgyver shit
Reality TV, before Survivor bitch
Eghck, put our lives on display
Who’s thinkin bout tomorrow we ain’t promised today
This rap game fickle, we ain’t promised to play
The last of the greats, pay homage to me


I got decade old wounds that are still bleeding
That chapter of my life is closed, yet y’all still read it
Straight face on, pretending to feel decent
Casket shopping for a loved one that is still breathing
Swear that shit got in the way of Summer
Avoiding calendars, since all your days were numbered

On ‘1000 Faces’, Joey shows why he’s at his best when dealing with folks who reveal their true intentions in the end:

Drunk mouth, sober tongue homie drinks on me
That way I’m protected, y’all got no choice but to respect it
Seen too many come and go to be affected
And how is it not expected
I’m hip to what its bound to be
And then relations combined ain’t weigh a pound to me
And so the bullshit, make sure its tasteful when its done
You can keep your 1000 faces, just try being faithful to one

Joey bares his pain on the dark “Inseperable”:

True stars strive to be half the person you are
Ain’t never neglect, so I’ll forever respect
I more than owe my life to you, I’m forever in debt (CHECK!)
I mean my mother got cancer in her neck
But I’ll be behind you every step, what the fuck did you expect

On the inspirational ‘Follow Your Lead’ Joey and Joell Ortiz spit bars letting HIM know that they know that he’s with them:


Instead of try to change me, I’ve been this way forever
Time will reveal more will be shown, you pushed it
I thought the door closed on it’s own
But uh, nevermind what caused it, living a dream
Nothing in this world powerful enough to pause it, SING!


Fuck the cheddar or whatever, it don’t measure up to this
I mean never did I ever not remember you exist
When I hop up out my bed, hands together and I wish
You knew it was from the heart, inside my chest you let it tick
I love you from the soul with every spiritual molecule
Fuck Twitter, all a nigga gotta do is follow you

Joe Budden has consistently made his ‘Mood Muzik’ series one of my most anticipated listen as a fan. And to quote what he said on ‘Dumb Out’ (Mood Muzik 2)

Don’t put niggaz in the same sink as me
I mean metaphors, storylines, deep shit, club shit, girl shit, world shit
They don’t use to ink like me
Niggaz don’t even think like me NAH

This is one mood that will keep fans happy.