Prodigy – My Infamous Life: The Autobiography Of Mobb Deep's Prodigy [Review]

Just finished reading this autobiography and it was a pretty interesting book. Prodigy details growing up in Queens, his dealings with Sickle Cell and how he would always get into fights during his teenage years.

Prodigy also gives accounts of certain hip hop historical moments: ’95 Source Awards when Death Row fired the first shots, what the late E Money Bags told him about the night at Quad Studios where Tupac was shot, the night N.O.R.E. was beaten at a CNN/Mobb Deep show and other incidents.

A few of the things Prodigy touches on in the book, were discussed in earlier magazine interviews i.e. Prodigy having an issue with an Jay-Z line in “Money, Cash, Hoes” which lead to their riff. Also, he discusses how he didn’t have his gun when he had a visited the late Big Pun and was scolded about it.

What I enjoyed most about reading My Infamous Life was that Prodigy spoke about the dark side of fame. How he fell into the world of drugs & alcohol. He showed that there is a downfall to the fame and no one is immune to it. So what we are used to seeing and hearing on television, is just an act. But you already knew that.

If you’re a fan of Prodigy/Mobb Deep, then I recommend this book for you. It’s a well written account of the life and career of one of hip hop’s most talented rappers.