I'm Not A Star

I hate when I tell people that I’m not ‘popular’ and they want to say that I am. They point to things like Twitter and want to use that as the basis of their argument. I’m like okay. If I break down most of my followers 10% are real and the 90% are spam. So you could say it’s a numbers thing. But yeah I stay to myself mostly. Most of the time, you won’t even know that I’m there unless I say something outrageous that will catch someone’s attention.

I don’t ask anyone to befriend me or what not. If a person wants to be a friend like how the word is defined, then they’ll do so. Other than that, I won’t bother nor push the issue.

If you’re asking why am I posting this, well among reasons this stems from an argument that went on yesterday on Facebook. And also I rather not give off the wrong impression that I’m some arrogant asshole. Well I’m an asshole in some cases but that’s another story.

I’m not popular. No one even cares really so why am I still typing this post?