Some Public Transportation Etiquette

I as well as some of my other followers take public transportation while going to work, school, play, late night booty calls, etc. We have our reasons as to why we don’t own automobiles but that’s our lives not yours. So Lorence (@momentoftru) has come up with some etiquette tips for those of you that also ride the buses, trains, etc who forget that we’re all on that crowded space together.

1. Please, let people get OFF of the bus or train before you attempt to get on. I understand you want to try and get a seat as quickly as possible, but when there’s a jam at the doors, that really inconveniences everyone.
2. If it’s the middle of rush hour, and you’re on CROWDED train/bus, and you have a HUGE backpack on, take it off. Place it between your legs on the floor. It saves space and allows people not to be bumped more than they need to be.
3. If there’s a space in a seat that’s [___] wide, and your butt is this [_________] wide, please don’t attempt to fit in the seat, and cause discomfort for the person(s) that are already sitting there.
4. If you’re a GROWN ADULT that is selling candy on the train, don’t bother coming up to me or any respectable working adult. We’re just going to look at you and wonder what went wrong with your life.
5. Don’t put your grocery/shopping/purse/backpack in a empty seat, especially when the bus/train is getting crowded. Not only is it technically against the law & you can be fined for it, but I’m sure you did not pay an extra fare for your bag to “sit”.
6. Please pay your fare. You shouldn’t avoid paying a fare, especially if you have $150 sneakers, $80 jeans, $35 fitted cap and an iPod and a iPhone on.
7. Move into the bus or the train car. Don’t hog up all the space by the door, especially when there’s plenty of room towards the middle and back.
8. Don’t rush off of the train, run to the stairs…just to walk up them slow. Stay to the right on the stairs while you’re walking up, especially if there are people walking down on the opposite side.
9. DON’T kiss or suck your teeth when someone who is in a wheelchair comes on the bus. Just remember, that could be you or a loved one. Have patience and some sympathy, because that person did not ask to be in that predicament
10. Keep the volume down, whether it’s your conversation between you and your friends, on your phones or on you iPod/MP3 players. I’m really not that interested in your baby father not bringing the diapers to your house because he went out with his third baby mama, and how you’re taking him for child support. That’s your business, not the world’s.

That’s all I can think of right now. Anything else you can think of and would like to add, please feel free to place your input. Until later, be safe.