New Music: Freddie Mac – Columbus Nights

My bro from another mother, Freddie Mac dropped his latest single, “Columbus Nights” for your listening pleasure. Before checking out the track, Freddie gives a little background information on the track:

“Columbus Nights, a brief synopsis of the best times of this life I am living out at the moment, told through the microphone in hopes that a few of you can relate.”

After a brief break from the recording studio, I return to bring you all ‘Columbus Nights,’ my latest attempt to show the world more about Fredrick McGee. Produced by Chris of Cooarri LLC, Columbus Nights takes you on a three minute and fourteen second adventure. The type that some of us have on the daily. To me, this song is about living life. To you, if may be something different. My home away from home, Columbus is represented throughout this recording and I’m grateful for the family and friends who have extended their love, support, and also a piece of their city TO ME. – Freddie

Columbus Nights