NFL Week 8 Recap: Comeback Kids


Sunday I’m at the spot watching the game with the homie @MrWhisperz and the Ravens are being trashed in the first half. He even suggested that our third loss would come at the hands of another team with a losing record. Well when the second half begun, seems as if batteries were changed because a new Ravens team came out on that field. Flacco was hitting Pitta, Dickson, Boldin and Smith with nice passes. Ray Rice scored 3 TD’s in the second half and Billy ‘In Cundiff We Trust’ kicked the game winning field goal as the Ravens won 30-27. That game had me nervous as we’re heading into the showdown verses Pittsburgh next Sunday night. Speaking of the team that I love to hate, they handled the Patriots on Sunday. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case but as they say: ‘Any Given Sunday.’

Elsewhere, seems as if Tim Tebow is human after all as the Broncos got beaten down by the Lions 45-10. My thing about quarterbacks that are in the spotlight is this: Every quarterback that is great didn’t come into the NFL being automatically great. Peyton Manning wasn’t great in his rookie season, Tom Brady was on the bench before that injury to Drew Bledsoe gave him a chance to showcase his talents. Aaron Rodgers was on the bench before Favre was shown the door and he went 6-10 in his opening season. I say that to say this, we don’t know how Tebow’s career will turn out. Right now, he’s not playing up to his full potential. But you’re only as good as your supporting cast allows you to be. Once those changes are made then we’ll see what the turn out will be.

The Eagles trumped the Cowboys on Sunday night football. I had fell asleep during the first half then woke up to a 24-0 Eagles lead and they went on to win 34-7. I actually expected the game to be much closer but then Romo has his moments where he wants to show up. And he must have took the night off.

So wait.. the New Orleans Saints puts up 62 points against the Colts last week then turn around next week and give the St. Louis Rams their first win of the season? Sheeish. That’s crazy. St. Louis as a city was winning this weekend with the Cardinals winning the World Series.

Fantasy Leagues
Up and down week so I’ll leave you with this: 3 of my teams are 4-4, 1 team is 5-3, 2 are 6-2 and one is 7-1

That’s all I have for this week as next Sunday night, the Ravens aim to sweep the Steelers. I’m praying that all goes well this week in practice.