2011 Music Review

So now is the time where we take a look back at the music that made us sing, rap, turn the volume up or put it on repeat. So I gathered a few folks that I follow to give their thoughts on the year in music and this is what we came up with.

The Panel: @DontHateBeHated, @illerthanthou, @momentoftru, @shandatv, @__ARROGANT, my girl Nakia D from G+ and myself.

1. What were your favorite album(s) releases this year?

Me: Adele’s 21, The Throne’s Watch The Throne, Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home, Marsha Ambrosius’ Late Nights and Early Mornings and J. Cole’s Cole World: The Sideline Story.

DHBH: (In No Particular order) Watch The Throne, Section 80, Cole World, Bad Meets Evil, Self Made, Return of 4Eva.

ITT: Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch The Throne, Adele – 21, J. Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story, Drake – Take Care.

MOT: Drake – Take Care, Common – The Dream, The Believer, Goapele – Break Of Dawn, J.Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story, Jeezy – TM: 103, Tyler The Creator – Goblin, The Dream – 1977, LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking, The Thone – Watch The Throne.

ST: Section.80, Cole World: The Sideline Story, 4, Watch The Throne, Light of the Sun, All I Want Is You, Take Care and The Div. And oh….does Nostalgia count for this year?

AR: Common – The Dreamer The Believer.

ND: Adele – 21, Rihanna – Talk That Talk, Robin Thicke – Love After War, Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne, Wale – Eleven One Eleven, J Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story, Frank Ocean – Nostalgia,ULTRA.

2. Name the artist that you would consider this year’s M.V.P.?

Me: Adele. Hands down, 21 did numbers that your favorite artist dreams of. You know that the album crossed over when you hear it being played in the hood.

DHBH: Rick Ross

ITT: I hate to say it but Drake.

MOT: Drake. He went platinum in a time when albums hardly go gold. Although how many albums sold isn’t an indication of how good an album is, it shows that marketing and promotion can still matter.

ST: I’m gonna go with Drake. Ya’ll can continue to deny the kid but I think he deserves the title. I also would place Rick Ross here with a strong Honorable Mention.

AR: Drake

ND: ehhh…

3. Name the artist that you would consider this year’s ‘Comeback Artist’?

Me: Wale – Bounced back from the flop of his debut album to have Ambition debut at #2. Honorable Mention: Jeezy. Yeah the album was pushed back farther than a bald person’s hairline, but he debut @ #3 with 200k+ albums sold in the first week.

DHBH: Wale

ITT: I’m going to say Jim Jones, the nigga put out an album in April & nobody knew but somehow, he continues to make money.

MOT: J. Cole. Although this was his first official album, many folks counted him out. They stated that Jay-Z would drop him, that his album would fail, etc. He went gold, with little promotion, but alot of fan support.

ST: Kanye West

AR: Common

ND: Eminem

4. Name the artist that you would consider this year’s ‘Rookie of the Year’?

Me: J. Cole. He’s finally got off the sideline and produced a gold debut album. I saw him in concert back in September and it was a packed house. Can’t get no better than that. Honorable Mention would be Kendrick Lamar. Solid year from the Cali Native.

DHBH: Tie: Kendrick Lamar/Meek Mill

ITT: J. Cole.

MOT: Yelawolf. Shady Records deal. ‘Nuff said.

ST: J. Cole.

AR: The Weeknd

ND: Frank Ocean

5. Who are you expecting big things from in 2012?

Me: It all depends on who steps up and shows the listening public that they are worth it.

DHBH: See #4

ITT: I hope Nicki Minaj puts out some music that I actually want to listen to and I’m praying for another Andre 3000 solo project. I also want to see what another album for ‘Ye & Jay is going to sound like.

MOT: I expect Rick Ross to drop a dope album. I’m hearing Pharrell is working on a Clones 2, and a 2nd solo. Kanye should drop something new. Waiting on Nas. A REAL Lupe album. Pusha T’s solo debut. Meek Mill’s debut. And the GOOD Music compilation (except Big Sean’s verses).

ST: I hear ‘Ye and Jay are planning on solo projects as well as another Throne album. So I’m expecting epic things from them both.


ND: I don’t expect anything, not too many drool worthy artists. I’d like to see CRS do something.

6. What thoughts came to mind when you heard the following singles:

a. Meek Mill & Rick Ross – “I’m A Boss”

Me: This song will be played in the years to come. When this comes on, it will get the party crunk.

DHBH: Song of the year

ITT: Nothing, I was indifferent.

MOT: Dope song, dope beat. Gets the crowd hype at a party. It was a dope summer song.

ST: OMG MEEK MILLS VOICE IS ANNOYING!!! But…I just recently came to actually liking this song tho. I was in a club one night and this song came on and the whole place erupted. It’s hard to deny a song with a beat such as this coupled with a Rick Ross feature.

AR: Nigga, NO

ND: *shrugs*…

b. Lil Wayne – “6 Foot 7 Foot” feat. Cory Gunz

Me: It was a cool single. When it was performed at the show, crowd went nuts.

DHBH: Good look for Cory, but too late.

ITT: Loved it.

MOT: Cory Gunz’ verse carried the song. Bangladesh produced a dope track though.

ST: Instant banger. Wayne really went in on this one.

AR: What is this noise?

ND: I didn’t really care for it…

c. The Throne – Niggas In Paris

Me: Not surprised that this song took off. When they performed this on the Victoria Secret Fashion show, you know it was a huge moment.

DHBH: Going to go over crazy in the clubs.

ITT: My second favorite song off the album, I love it.

MOT: It was good the first few times I listened to it. Then I went to the WTT tour at MSG…and they played it 4 times to end the night. I got sick of it then. It’s still a good song though.

ST: It was a lot of hype about this song. So when I initially heard it, I was like….that’s it?! Because I felt the lyrical content was not where it needed to be based off what I thought the song would be in my mind. Ultimately its a party song and it does exactly what it was intended to do …..”It gets the people going!!!”


ND: *jumps up and down*

d. Drake & Waka Flocka – “Round Of Applause”

Me: I was like wow.. This is going to be a great stripping song. I would love to see this in a ATL or Houston strip club.

DHBH: Strip club anthem of the year.

ITT: *makes my ass clap*

MOT: I actually heard this song for the first time yesterday. I like it. Had the chicks shaking their asses like they had no house manners lol.

ST: Stripper anthem… Can’t be mad at it.

AR: I hate Waka but I MUST. SHAKE. MY. ASS.

ND: *shrugs*… It’s ight

e. Drake – Practice

Me: I mean when I heard it, I was like wow they really slowed down “Back Dat Azz Up”. I mean I guess it’s cool whatever.

DHBH: #foh

ITT: Unlike most others, I absolutely love this song & it’ll continue to get played in the new year, for me.

MOT: Took a dope, CLASSIC Juvenile track….and ruined it.

ST: Hated it! …initially. This song pissed me off so much the first few times I heard it. But the “Chop Care” version of this song is everything. (That’s chopped & screwed for those who don’t know). Also try going to a strip club and see what happens when this song comes on. You’ll quickly change your mind about it too.

AR: Nigga. NO!!!!!

ND: I wanna practice pole dancing

f. YC – Racks on Racks feat. Future

Me: This song talking about titties? Oh wait, they talking about money. *shrugs*

DHBH: The 1 hit wonder song of the year.

ITT: Favorite song of 2011, hands down.

MOT: Only good for the club. Nothing else.

ST: Horrid! But I have to hit em with “the South Dallas Swag” every time I hear it.

AR: We don’t deserve reparations after this travesty.

ND: Made me wanna drive fast with my head out the window.

g. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

Me: I avoided this song for the longest, until one day I saw the video on MTV Jams. Folks were taking her serious?


ITT: I liked it at first but it’s annoying now.

MOT: Never heard this song. But from what I hear, a disgrace to rap/hip-hop.

ST: Nope. Nope. Nope. Get this song all the way out of here.

AR: My ears bled.

ND: The song was coo’. I thought she was a poser, then she started talking in public. Smh

h. Big Sean – Dance (Ass) Remix feat. Nicki Minaj

Me: I have this video right on my Zune. Don’t judge me.

DHBH: Visions of Nicki twerking it in the video make this song a winner.

ITT: It grew on me & evolved to my ringtone.

MOT: The original is wack. The remix is wack. Big Sean is wack. Fight me if you wanna.

ST: Nicki ruined a good thing.

AR: The remix? Trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash

ND: Please don’t let me hear this in the club… I’ll get pregnant

i. Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On

Me: Wasn’t expecting this at all from Lupe. But he got to perform this song at one of those awards shows.

DHBH: Ehh, not the Lupe I prefer but not a bad song.

ITT: I’m not feeling the “rock” side of Lupe, I need some Food & Liquor/The Cool shit from him.

MOT: Fuck Atlantic for taking Lupe out of his element.

ST: Knock off version of “Superstar” that failed miserably in my eyes.

AR: The show must STOP!

ND: I felt so good when I heard this song… Even better when I saw him in concert.

j. Kelly Rowland – “Motivation” feat. Lil Wayne

Me: Song was played entirely too much. Didn’t do much for the album as an end result.

DHBH: Kelly should just stick to singles, not albums.

ITT: MAN, that was the song for the summer, I liked it & it makes me want to give my man a lap dance followed by other naughty things.

MOT: I went “hey boo” to a couple of females at parties when this song came on. I think it will be used for some time in the future when a chick wants to showcase her, ahem, riding skills.

ST: Kelly’s vocals on this song made my ears bleed. I know she’s so much better than this. The concept of the song was cool, I just don’t feel it was executed well.

AR: All win.

ND: Didn’t care for it.