Twelve A.M. [Review]

After hearing her on Nerd Ferguson tracks such as “Sex Tonight” and “Alright”, Arlene Marie delivers her own EP called Twelve A.M.. Produced entirely by @LEEtrebeaux, Arlene brings back a new flavor of R&B that hasn’t been heard in a long time.

Twelve A.M. starts off with an “Intro” from Nerd Ferguson putting over Arlene Marie. (So clap for the girl A Marie/And I don’t mean the ‘One Thing” chick from DC/But the chick on the hook on my last two CDs) And it sets the stage for what come after that. “All Night Long” has a disco-like feel that you would’ve heard in the 70’s. The song has A.M. singing about a love that she found and doesn’t want to let go of. “Fear” has A.M. singing about the fear of losing a love that she’s had for a long time. (Put you pride aside and just call me/Matter of fact come over/cuz I can’t breathe/what you said/I can’t believe) “Surrender” is an uptempo track that had me pressing repeat. Just imagine you’re in the club and you see A.M. coming strolling towards you at the bar. She hits you with “Your love I just can’t get enough, I surrender to you tonight.” I bet you’ll leave with her. “All I Wanna” was the song that had me hooked when I first heard it. What I love most about it, this would be a perfect ending after a long hard day at work.

I find it hard to believe that Arlene has just been singing seriously for six months. Twelve A.M. makes it sound like she’s been doing it for years. If she continues down this road, she’s going to be a problem.

Download Twelve A.M. here. You can follow Arlene on Twitter and also on Tumblr.