Crawling With The Adversary (Her Story)

The sun rises and the man lying beside me is not my spouse
He rubs my hair as my breasts rise and falls against his naked body
I sent him a late night text asking him to come for a night cap
I promised vows to my husband but I’m curled up with the enemy
Adversary that gives me goosebumps whenever we touch
How he holds me in his arms or palms my ass so explicitly
Heat within me rises as I grab the tool that causes me to leak
If this was court, the judge wouldn’t hear the case – I’m guilty
Outside desires will be my downfall as the security has been breached
I guess this will be death do us part as I’ve failed in maintaining loyalty

I rise out of the sinned filled bed, wrap myself in my robe
Staring in the mirror at the woman that I’ve become – part ashamed
As I gazed into my thoughts, I felt the sensual kisses creeping up my back
My mind was saying stop, don’t do this but my body wishes left me betrayed
His lips moved to my neck and his hands easily harden my nipples
No turning back as he penetrated the reserved walls that went unclaimed
Felt as if I was on a wild ride my hands gripping the sink as he continued invasion
My essence was once again a traitor – allowing him to embezzle what was once tamed
Hair been pulled, ass being struck in a commanding way, juices submerging in elation
My drenched panties was positioned into my mouth to gag the joyous squeals that were proclaimed

These illicit actions made me lost track of the minutes that turned into hours which seems like days
I allowed the sinful language of lust slither into my ears and infect the decisions of my common sense
That smile, the shock waves I received when I got the initial touch, the way my skin rolled off his lips
Tried to fight the feeling but that sensation was simply too strong for my defense
Essential as the time in the clutch and I feel as if I’m slipping into the dark side
Even when the correct man is lying beside me, I don’t get the sentiment of my heart being tense
Just alone at night sending empty emotions to a man that just momentarily satisfies my needs
He plunges inside giving me gratifications that should be at my husband’s expense
He pulls out and leaves, I’m back to feeling empty and harsh with my contemplations
Existing with remains of regrets due to bad decision making and following it up with nonsense