Ledisi B.G.T.Y. Tour Recap

Last night, Ledisi’s B.G.T.Y. (Be Good To Yourself) Tour rolled through Baltimore. I didn’t originally plan on attending the show but since I was already down near Pier 6, I went and bought a ticket anyway. The temperature was on broil but the fans managed to make it the best way that they could.

First to grace the stage was Chrisette Michele. Seeing her perform live is such an amazing treat so I knew that I was going to be in for a great show. She started her set off with “I’m A Star” from her third album, Let Freedom Reign. Next, she sung fan favorites “What You Do”, “Goodbye Game” (which is a personal favorite of mine) and “I Don’t Know Why, But I Do”. I was unaware that she is now on Motown and she performed a new track called “Super” from her upcoming album Better.

Chrisette performed “If I Had My Way” (Another personal favorite of mine), “Epiphany”, “Blame It On Me” and a great rendition of “Total Praise”. It was great seeing Chrisette Michele once again in concert. Her voice and music just makes me a fan all over again.

Next up was Eric Benét. Now I’ll admit that I have slept on his music for years. Probably because it was jealously that he was able to marry Hallie Berry but that’s neither here nor there. He started his set with “Love Don’t Love Me” from his album Better and Better. He lit up the stage with “Spiritual Thang”, “Chocolate Legs” and fan favorite “Femininity”. He had a young lady named Candice singing backup and she joined him for a rendition of “Spend My Life With You”.

Eric Benét finished his set with “Harriet Jones” from his current album, The One. He left the stage and came back to finish with “Georgy Porgy”. After hearing his music, I came home and listened to a few of his albums. He has some classics that still get spins today.

Finally, the headliner of the show, Ledisi hit the stage. I remember when I first saw her back in ’06 at the African-American Heritage Festival for free and she put on a crazy show. Now that she’s paid her dues, it’s great that she is still gracing fans with wonderful music. She started her set with “Say No”, “Shut Up” and “Bravo” which had folks on their feet.

During a outfit change, her backup singers pulled a gentleman from out of the audience and brought him on stage as she sung “So Into You”. Then she performed “Stay Together”, “Coffee” and “In The Morning” from her album Lost and Found.

Another outfit change and her background singers did a rendition of “Higher Ground” and soon after Ledisi returned to perform “Higher Than This”. This last set was my favorite since she performed “Think Of You”, “B.G.T.Y.”, “Pieces Of Me” (A personal favorite) and finished up with “Alright”. She also walked through the audience thanking everyone for coming out and even acknowledged those that sat across the pier on the docks. Haha. I wanted to hear her perform some tracks from the Soulsinger album but it was all good.

The B.G.T.Y. tour is a great show that you should check out if it comes to your town. All three acts put on a show that was worth double the ticket price and that’s what I was glad to walk away feeling.