Rappers Crying Foul.

“Rappers want to be actors
So they play the Jesse James Character” – Wyclef ‘Cowboys’

Over the Summer, there was a video floating around YouTube and various blog sites showing Game assaulting fellow Cali rapper 40 Glocc. I’m sure folks have seen it, criticized, laughed at the video and the foolishness that occurred. Now according to TMZ, 40 Glocc has filed a lawsuit against Game stating that ‘he was leaving a party, when he was jumped by Game and Game’s 15-man entourage for no reason.’ 40 also claims that Game pulled a gun on him and threatened to shoot him if he fought back. What’s also interesting is that TMZ lists 40’s government name as Lawrence White but 40’s Wikipedia has it as Tory Gassway.

Another interesting development of the lawsuit was that 40 feels as if Game ‘tarnished his thug reputation by portraying him as a coward on the YouTube video.’

This is the same guy that ran up on Lil Wayne and Piles with a crew of dudes trying to catch wreck.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of rappers copping pleas when shit gets real. If you recall Remy Ma’s trial where she when on to say that “Remy Ma is not even close to who I really am. I’m not a thug,” she said. “I’m not a threat or a menace to society, and I still have so much to offer.” But yet she was on M.O.P. “Ante Up (Remix)” rapping ‘I catch you backstage, give me the keys to the Escalade’. I mean don’t rap about that life if you aren’t about it.

It’s just funny to me that these rappers talk this tough talk on records then when those tables get turned, they sprint to the courthouse to press those charges and file lawsuits.

Give me a break.