Things That I Would Like To See In 2013.

2012 is winding to a close and here are a few things that I would enjoy seeing in the new year:

1. The Reemergence of the Female MC: We haven’t had a strong female MC in a few years. Mainstream, anyway. So ladies, it’s time that you step your game up.

2. More Accountability: We need to take more responsibility for our actions and less finger pointing.

3. “Let’s Work!! No Excuses!!”: That’s a quote from my Cuzzo @NeoThaAnomaly. It should apply to all of us as everyday is an opportunity for us to make change within ourselves.

4. No More ‘Him’, ‘Her’, etc: Grow up people. Either you’re in a relationship or your aren’t.

5. A Bit More Positivity: We have all had some bad times this year. Hell I know that I have but I hope that going into this new year, we can have a better outlook on our hard times. What happens have that defines who we are as people in general.