Why Does It Have To Be Difficult?

Have you met someone that just instantly caught your attention? It has happened to me plenty of times. I might know just a few things about them: name, age, job, etc. The basics. We have a few conversations with them and things become more clearer. Next, I find out that we have a few more things in common with each other. At this point, I’m thinking well she seems nice so I’ll take a chance and tell her that I’m interested.

Now this is where things become weird. I put it out there that I’m interested in her and if she would like, we could go to dinner, the museum or any other place that is considered date worthy. She says okay and then I think, every thing is every thing. But things always seem to stall there.

I don’t know if it’s my physical features or just bad timing on my part that kills whatever momentum I may have about wanting to talk to these ladies. In the back of mind, I seem to come across women that I could see myself being with in the long term sense. Maybe I’m looking at it through rose colored glasses and I know that they all may not be perfect but you just meet them and say well I don’t care about the negative aspects of their character. We all have those with us. I just find myself liking them because I was attracted to them. Hey, we’re human and things like this happen.

This is part of the reason why I said that most of the time, I wouldn’t reveal those feelings because of how things turn out in the long run. I’m past 30 and I’m looking to settle. Maybe it’s some things within me that I haven’t notice that’s a turn off. But the ones that I have dated in the past have said that I was a great person.

I don’t know. For me it’s just difficult.