Midweek Thoughts 02/27/13

1. Critics Boo-hooing Over Michelle Obama’s Oscar Appearance: When FLOTUS Michelle Obama help present the award for Best Picture at the Oscars, there were some that had an issue with it. I didn’t and she looked beautiful Sunday night. People need to get over themselves ASAP.

2. The Onion Apologizes For Name Calling: The Onion decided to take their brand of trolling up a few notches and called Quvenzhané Wallis a bad name, which sent Twitter and other social media outlets into an outrage. The Onion has since apologized for the remark and took the tweet down. But as I said, there will be even more worse things said that may not get a reaction from others.

3. You Can’t Be Wasting My Time: Don’t tell me one thing, but then your actions show to be the complete opposite. If you know that this isn’t what you want, then SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT IF YOU AREN’T ABOUT THAT LIFE!

4. Vacation Destinations: I need to work on getting my passport this year if I ever want to travel out of the country. I still have the application downstairs.

5. Birthday Hiatus: Since my birthday is on Monday, I’ve been serious thinking about taking a hiatus that day from the social networks. I mean I don’t matter to most of these people so my one day of relevance should be spent away from it. If people wish me a ‘happy birthday’, then thank you in advance. If not, Tuesday, March 5, 2013 – Monday March 3, 2014 are brand new days.