Fabolous and Pusha T's The Life So Exciting Tour [Review]

The Life Is So Exciting Tour

Fabolous and Pusha T. Two names that stands out when it comes to hip-hop brought their The Life Is So Exciting Tour to a sold out Baltimore Soundstage last night. The fans in attendance were very anxious to see the both artist hit the stage and do what they do best.

Troy Ave

Opening the show was up and coming rapper, Troy Ave, who hails from Brooklyn, NY. Troy Ave is making noise in the mixtape and underground circuits and appears on Pusha T’s Wrath of Cain mixtape as well as Fabolous’ The Soul Tape 2.

“You don’t know me but you do know me.” – Troy Ave

Troy Ave, who is mostly known for his Bricks In My Backpack mixtape series, ran through songs from those series. He ended his set with “Nino Brown“.

Pusha T

Pusha T was up next and he hit stage performing verses from “I Don’t Like” Remix, “Grindin'” and “Back By Popular Demand”. I’ve been a fan of Pusha T since he started rapping with his brother over 10 years ago, so it was a treat just seeing him in concert. Pusha T performed songs from his Fear Of God mixtape including the popular “Cook It Down”. After taking a few shots at Lil Wayne, Pusha T went into “Exodus 23:1“. Troy Ave came back to the stage to join in a performance of “Road Runner” and Pusha T finished his set by performing “Blocka”, the current single from his Wrath Of Cain mixtape. Pusha T announced that his solo debut album My Name Is My Name will be released this summer.


I remember seeing someone on Twitter tweet that Fabolous has been the most consistent rapper that came from Brooklyn in quite some time. While an argument could be made about that statement, he has managed to acquire a nice following of fans through out his career. After a warm up set from his DJ, Fabolous came out performing tracks from The Soul Tape 2 including the popular “B.I.T.E.“. One thing about Fabolous is that he knows how to cater to his audience. So when he addressed the ladies with songs such as “Want You Back“. Fabolous also brought out Troy Ave to perform “Only Life I Know” and Pusha T to perform “Life So Exciting” Fab also looked out for his ‘Day 1’ fans and he ran through a few tracks and even brought Lil Mo to the stage for “Superwoman” Remix. Red Cafe made an appearance as well. Fab returned and ran through some tracks from Loso’s Way. (Damn it’s almost four years since he dropped a solo album.) Fab stated before leaving that his new album Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power.

The Life So Exciting Tour showcased two great veterans of hip-hop that put on an excellent show for sell out crowds. If they are making a stop in your town, be sure to check out this great show.