Still Sleeping on J. Cole?

Niggaz Know

Hit the snooze button on your alarm clock or choke the rooster and wake the fuck up. I’ve been hearing these opinions for the past couple of years and I’m still trying to figure out what you crack fans want? It’s the same jive ass ‘boring, put me to sleep’ comments that make me question most opinions on music. Quick to big up these T-Pain wanna be auto-tune sounding robots but when someone comes along that is great with the craft, you coons don’t appreciate it.

“I make some thought provokin’ shit
Y’all question whether he fallin’ off” – Jay-Z

I could go on about his previous offerings (Friday Night Lights still fucking goes!!!!) but I’m going to talk about his latest track that he dropped from Born Sinner, ‘Niggaz Know’.

When he starts off the track saying ‘Armed and dangerous’, he’s paying homage to the late Christopher Wallace, pardon me ya’ll, the GREAT Christopher Wallace. He pays homage later on in the verse (‘Ain’t too much really change with us/Straight up weed, no angel dust/Label us notorious, that was 9-7’) as he talks that cash shit and real life shit throughout the first verse.

Hit hood hoes out in Baltimore
Pack the shows like wall to wall, my God
Five steps like Dru Hill
Came home from the first tour, with
Bad credit and a school bill
Middle finger to the bursar

Speaking of which, I was at that packed show, wall to wall in Baltimore.

Second verse, he addressed those of his peers that stole his flow. Came through the door like who y’all niggas?

Stole a nigga flow, I could sue y’all niggas
Better yet put a hot one through y’all niggas
Nah, let me stop frontin’ for y’all niggas but
Don’t let the college shit fool y’all niggas
Ain’t the hardest nigga in the land
But a grown ass man, and I will step to y’all niggas
Like what’s the problem?

Also in this verse, he talks that dirty macking talk that is accustomed to rap lyrics today.

Can’t afford a whip, but you buyin’ ass
This Fresh Prince nigga, I ain’t Jazz
Fucked yo bitch, nigga I ain’t ask
She pitched it to me like Sosa (Oh God)
What the fuck was I s’posed do?

What trips me out is that he talks about how much he spent for his brand new watch. (‘Thirty grand and that’s just for the wristwatch/Hate to brag but backpacking, that’s hip hop’)

So let’s recap the past few months:

1. He gave you a promotional like single that he knew would get people talking, in ‘Miss America‘.

2. He dropped the official album single, ‘Power Trip‘, that you folks are still listening and singing along to.

3. Truly Yours and Truly Yours 2 is holding fans over until June 18th.

4. ‘Niggaz Know’ is dope. Don’t debate me either.

5. And he’s on the cover of Billboard.

J. Cole Billboard cover

What more do you want? Born Sinner in stores June 18th.