Midweek Thoughts 6/26/13

It’s been one crazy week and we’re only at Wednesday. Let’s get this started.

1. Paula Deen’s Fall From Grace: I’m sure that she’s having the worst week ever but as Goonie said ‘She getting that black privilege world tour right now’. Oh well.

2. Aaron Hernandez: He caught those murder and gun related charges. He would be a prime contestant for America’s Dumbest Criminals.

3. Rappers Caught Up With Old Tweets: BallerAlert unearthed some three to four year old tweets where other rappers were very critical of their soon to be yet peers. I was reading through some of them and it begs to wonder if some of them still harbors those old feelings from years ago.

4. Politics: The only way I’ll pay more attention to them is if they are broken down for the common person to read. Just give it to us as plain as can be so we will know how to govern ourselves accordingly.

5. DMV Tweetup Cookout: To everyone that’s coming, I can’t wait to meet you and make new memories. Don’t be surprised when that camera comes out. Haha!


Keep Nelson Mandela in your thoughts and prayers.