Midweek Thoughts 07/31/13

The last day in July falls on a Wednesday which means it’s time for my Midweek Thoughts! So let’s knock these out!

1. Don Lemon: Well CNN’s weekend anchor got under the skin of the Blacks in this country when he agreed with Bill O’Reilly in terms of what are issues with the Black community. He then offered 5 suggestions as to what we as blacks could do to improve things within ourselves. I’m sure that he meant… Well I can’t say if he meant well or not but he just threw us under the bus and ran us over for approval. Ice Cube once rapped “My skin is my sin, look at my complexion” and while I’m sure Mr. Lemon has eating from the silver spoon that was fed to him by White America, there could be young black men that are living their lives on the straight and narrow who are racially profiled and harassed in this country. So Mr. Lemon, please shut all of the fuck up and have a few seats.

2. Riley Cooper: After being caught on tape at a Kenny Chesney concert uttering that he will ‘fight every nigger here.’ Wait, all jokes aside but Blacks listen to Kenny Chesney? Who knew. I’m sure if there were a lot, he wouldn’t be able to beat them all. But Riley apologized to this teammates, coaches, the Eagles organization, etc. Now he should get ran down and vilified by America but whatever.

3. Vine Ain’t Dead: I know a few weeks back, we all thought that Vine was gonna be R.I.P.’d due to Instagram’s video feature but they are still providing comedy in six seconds or less.

4. Don’t Fall Into The Trap: A lot of arguments can be avoided if some people weren’t just gun ho about being right. If you have a difference of opinion, that’s fine. Just leave it at that. No need to have the same arguments day in and out.

5. Amusement Park Visit: I’m long overdue for a trip. Kings Dominion, Six Flags or Hershey Park — I need to be there soon.