Midweek Thoughts 9/25/13

Wednesday is here… And so are these thoughts.

1. Ray Lewis says that leadership is missing with former team: Ray Lewis offered his thoughts about the Jacoby Jones bottle incident Monday evening. Those comments led to current Ravens Torrey Smith and Vonte Leach to dismiss those claims in an interview with The Baltimore Sun. While I agree that the core leadership roles did leave when Lewis and Ed Reed left the team via retirement and free agency, respectively, I don’t think the team has a problem with leadership at all. It’s not like you’re hearing of the team having troubles every week or anything.

2. Hold On, We’re Going Home video: Drake states that his new video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is his way back into acting. The video was kind of over top in its video message but I’m sure that it will earn hits for it’s Miami Vice like theme.

3. G. Dep on Nightline: The weekly news program aired a segment on the former Bad Boy artist which revisited his murder case that landed him 15 years in prison. Hopefully, he’ll deal with the consequences from his actions.

4. Teyanna Taylor fires back at Rihanna: Yesterday, Teyanna Taylor (Again, what is she famous for?) fired some tweets in Rihanna’s direction, who apparently made a video on Instagram mocking Teyanna’s singing. This had the fans of both taking sides and from the looks of things, Rihanna didn’t #clapback as she normally would. Be A Star ladies.

5. Breaking Bad Series Finale: Everything comes to an end on Sunday.