Midweek Thoughts 11/27/13

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!! It’s Wednesday and it’s plenty to be thankful for but I have these five thoughts to get out so let’s go.

1. Kanye West… Again: Kanye made his radio rounds after having shows in NYC recently. He went on a rant , pardon me y’all a visionary stream of consciousness against the fashion industry and people that run corporations. If only Kanye could just see the position that he’s in and that others would kill to be in that same position. But with Kanye, there’s no simple response to him.

2. A Sequel To The Five Heartbeats?: While making an appearance on Tom Joyner’s morning show on Monday, Robert Townsend announced that he would be making a sequel to 1991 movie The Five Heartbeats. Well he said that the announcement would be coming next year. We can only wonder what this means.

3. Lupe Fiasco Gets Tomato Thrown At Him: In other rapper who have lost their way news, Lupe Fiasco had a tomato thrown at him during a Salt Lake City, Utah performance on Sunday. In the video posted on YouTube by user Ash G, you can see the fruit hitting the stage a little after the 1 minute mark. He ended the show when the attendees in the balcony wouldn’t come down. He also called the woman that tossed the fruit, ‘a fat white bitch’.

4. Steelers vs. Ravens on Thanksgiving Night: And guess who will be at the game?

5. Thanksgiving: As we get into the beginning of the holiday season, let’s all remember the true meaning of this season. Love yourselves and each other.