Midweek Thoughts 11/06/13

So much going on in the world so let’s get into it.

1. Adult Bullying: The incident involving the Miami Dolphins’ Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito is making conversation in terms of ‘adult bullying’. It just goes to show that bullying can occur at any age and no one should be subjected to it. I wonder if had Martin retaliated towards Incognito, would we be having this discussion right now?

2. Eminem Projected to Move 700-750k units of The Marshall Mathers LP 2: In terms of record sales, Eminem is poised to post the second best first week numbers of 2013. Although most will claim that he’s lost it, these numbers don’t lie.

3. History Channel to Remake Roots series: This came from out of left field as the History Channel plans to remake the 1977 series into a brand-new eight-hour miniseries. With 12 Years A Slave making waves in theaters, I guess the History Channel wanted to capitalize.

4. New Mayor of NYC ‘Smackdowns’ Victory: Bill De Blasios celebrated his victory in the NYC’s mayor race with a dance called ‘The Smackdown’. Cool dance.

5. What Does My Girl Say: SNL trolled #BlackTwitter this past weekend when Jay Pharaoh and Kerry Washington teamed up for a parody of “What Does The Fox Say?”. This video has been stuck in my head the whole week.