Midweek Thoughts 12/4/13

Wednesday and shit. Allow me to knock out these five thoughts.

1. Kanye West Is Officially Welcomed To Adidas.: After a few weeks of speculation, Kanye finally signs his deal with Adidas. Hopefully, we’ll get some Yeezy Shelltoes as a result.

2. Jay-Z To Go On A 22-Day Vegan Diet.: Since today is the God MC’s birthday, he’s decided to take part in a plant based challenge as suggested from a friend who is a full time vegan. I think it’s a good move on his part and since BeyoncĂ© is also joining, maybe they can convince others to do so too.

3. Gucci Mane Facing 20 Years On Federal Gun Charges.: In Can’t Get Right news, Gucci Mane is looking to head up a creek without a paddle as he is facing twenty years in federal prison. This stemmed from an incident where Gucci had an incident with the police after a traffic stop. You would think that after all the trouble that he’s been in, he would learn from that.

4. Paul Walker’s Death: The Fast & Furious star tragically lost his life in a car accident on Saturday while riding with a friend to a charity event. Widely popular among Hollywood circles and fans, the news hit many people hard. Shows that we should all take life a day at a time. You never know when it’s your time to go.

5. Playoff Push: With the Thanksgiving win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens are in full control of their playoff destiny. Hopefully, they don’t make it hard on themselves and the fans. I want us to repeat, even if it is a long shot.