New Year, Same Me.

In less that 12 hours, there will be a countdown. A ball will drop and a brand new year will be in front of us. What does that mean in terms of what I plan on doing with my life? You could go the easy route and proclaim that this upcoming year will be my year. Or I could have just made changes that I wanted to make right there. I don’t believe in resolutions since any day is a new day for you to make a change in your life.

But what about 2013? 365 days in a calendar year that I’ve lived. I’ve managed to perform well at my job, met some new people, did a little amount of traveling. Did I want to do more? Certainly, but life happened as it always does.

Will I aim to do better than the year before? Of course, I will. I have plans for myself and I have bigger responsibilities on my plate.

So Derek, you have to go all out.

That’s it.