Goodbye CM Punk?

CM Punk

I took the above photo of CM Punk back in 2006 after a Monday Night RAW (11/20/2006) taping in Baltimore. Triple H deemed him the future ‘ECW Heavyweight Champion’. We’ve seen him in countless battles, putting his health and life on the line for our entertainment. If you’ve watched CM Punk’s Best In The World documentary, then you know how he’s been his whole career.

6/27/11 will forever reign history with wrestling fans. Pipe bomb. CM Punk spoke his mind then he disappeared for awhile. Could this be the second coming? We don’t know. I’ve been seeing reports all over saying that he’s left the WWE. Bully Ray invited him to Impact Wrestling. (Really? Well that would boost their ratings in a huge way, but Punk’s under contract with the ‘E until July.)

Let’s look back at the past two years. The Rock returns in 2011 and CM Punk drops the title to him at the Royal Rumble and John Cena wins the Royal Rumble match to face The Rock at WM29. Then this year, Batista returns after a lengthy absence to win the Royal Rumble and the right to face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WMXXX.

Hell yeah, I would have told Vince McMahon that I’m bouncing as well. There’s also reports of a concussion that lead to a heated argument backstage as well. Well we’ll only know what truly happened is when Punk speaks on it. He last tweeted well wishes to fans so there’s that.

If Punk is indeed gone, such an unfortunate turn of events for all parties involved.