Vince Doesn't Like Them.

In my Facebook wrestling group (Yes, you should join because we have a ton of fun there), we have a running gag where we say that Vince McMahon (Chairman of the WWE) doesn’t like niggas. Now we’re not saying that Vince McMahon is racist but we’re just making light of few champions of color currently in the company, among other things.

Yes, Big E. Langston is the current Intercontinental Champion. Kofi Kingston has had a few Intercontinental/United States/Tag Team Championship runs (as well as R. Truth) and even Alicia Fox had a brief stint as the Diva’s Champion. But as the little kid in the AT&T commercial says, “We want more”.

Prime Time Players

One of my favorite tag teams, the Prime Time Players, finally split up. Titus O’Neil (the one on the right) attacked Darren Young (the one on the left) and I’m wondering if Titus (who has been discussed for a while to get a solo run) will get that main event push or will he remain in the lower to mid-card rankings with Kofi, R-Truth and Xavier Woods.

Naomi seems like she’s the one that may dethrone AJ Lee of the Diva’s Title.

Eh, who knows.

P.S. This has nothing to do with Black History Month.