When Conservative Twitter Attacks.

Normally, I stay away from debates about politics because:
1. It’s a headache
2. It’s boring.

But after reading about the incident on Twitter where EBONY magazine Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux called RNC Raffi Williams ‘a white dude’ (and apologized for it) only to be attacked by his followers and have malicious articles written about her and her character, I’m thinking ‘does Conservative America really want to have this conversation about race in 2014?’ This exchange stemmed from some comments that Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant made about the Miami Heat’s support for Trayvon Martin. In the midst of that, Lemieux mentioned that Dr. Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams were launching a Black Conservative magazine. Another Twitter user, @BETpolitichick replied to her tweet (via retweet) asking did she want to know more about the magazine. Now in the retweet, @BETpolitichick added Williams and two other names to the tweet as well. BINGO!! PLOT DISCOVERED! Lemieux declined the request and Williams took it as she (Lemieux) didn’t encourage ‘diversity of thought’. Lemieux then made the ‘white dude’ comment in a tweet and a few more exchanges ensured.

Two things to look at here:
1. Lemieux said that she didn’t want to learn anymore about the magazine. She’s on her personal Twitter profile (which does state, for the record, ‘no pitches here’). In other words, it means to take it to someone that wants to hear about it.
2. Now if Lemieux would have gotten ethnical like Vanessa L. Williams’ character Janice did in Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor and said ‘Listen here honkey, you better take that shit you’re talking up out of my mentions’ then we could talk about Raffi Williams being ‘racially attacked’. But she kept it professional.

This morning, I took to Google to see what was said about this Lemieux/Williams situation and there were articles taking stances on both sides. The headlines that were against Lemieux were leading a lynch mob. They were painting her as a villain who goes around being a racist bully. The tweets provided seemed otherwise. On the website, Twitchy the headline read, “Ebony editor assumes RNC staffer Raffi Williams is a ‘white dude,’ tells him to shut up”. Now throughout the exchange between those two, not one tweet was shown that Lemieux told Williams to ‘shut up’ in any fashion.

Let’s get to the root of this issue: race. Now when I came across Raffi Williams twitter profile, he’s standing underneath a painting of Ronald Reagan. (Hey, remember on The Boondocks when Huey stated that Ronald Reagan was the devil? Good times.) One would think that he’s white. So after the exchange, Lemieux apologized for the error but she still didn’t want to hear of anything that he had to say about the magazine.

After all this happened, EBONY magazine apologized all whilst laying blame on Ms. Lemieux. Also, the magazine closed their comments section where the apology was posted. This became a hot topic on Twitter as the hashtag #StandWithJamilah/#IStandWithJamilah were created and many are voicing their disappointments with EBONY. I understand that websites need their clicks but with these headlines, they are getting their Stretch Armstrong on with these reaches.

All that we can hope in the future is that employers listen/read to the facts before throwing their staff under the bus.