Midweek Thoughts 5/28/14

A wave of emotions just hit so I’m going to knock this out with the quickness.

1. Rest In Paradise, Dr. Maya Angelou: This morning famed author and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou passed away. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was required reading when I was in school and should be in my personal reading collection. She’ll be forever missed.

2. OKC Wins Two Straight To Tie West Conference Finals: So much for that sweep talk that’s was predicted in the WCF. Russell Westbrook dropped 40, 10 and 5 on the San Antonio Spurs as the Thunder tied up the series at two games apiece. This may go seven but we’ll see.

3. Ronald McDonald Doesn’t Eat McDonald’s: When I think about this, I’ve never seen Ronald eat any McDonald’s food. Well according to this article, McDonald’s has kept their famed clown from the product as to say that the company ‘deflect criticism that it willfully markets the unhealthy food to children’. Still when you think if McDonald’s, the clown should be one of the first things associated with the company.

4. T.I./Tiny/Floyd Mayweather: Now this shit here, T.I. and Floyd Mayweather had a confrontation at Fatburger out in Las Vegas over the weekend. The Atlanta rapper had an issue with Tiny hanging out with the head of the Money Team. Then there was rumors of T.I. being punched in the face, chairs being thrown and a whole bunch of other issues. The jokes flew on social media this week and T.I. didn’t suffer any black eyes and Mayweather was seen in the club saying he told T.I. ‘these hoes ain’t loyal’. Oy vey.

5. 50 Cent Throws A Bad Pitch: So the past few days 50 was clowning on IG about the T.I./Mayweather situation. But last night, he threw out the first pitch at the Mets game. Yeah, social media went ham with that.

Bonus: I wish that I would have used the Periodic Table of Elements as my yearbook quote. Paris Gray, used the elements to spell out ‘Back That Ass Up’ which outraged school officials. But when Jessica Lee just last year said “Fuck Bitches, Get Money”, no one batted an eye or cleared their throat. But Paris Gray still got to walk with her class and give her speech so all is well.