Midweek Thoughts 7/30/14

Wednesday is here and I’m ready to hit you with these thoughts. Let’s get it on!!!!!

1. Rick Ross Doesn’t Want Guns In His Restaurants: Rick Ross, who has opened some new Wingstop eateries, doesn’t want guns in his places to eat. The 38 year old rapper believes that it is ‘best to leave your gun in the vehicle’ and to go inside to enjoy your meal. Wingstop, however, revealed that they don’t support his music and that his lyrical content doesn’t define who their company is. Hopefully Rozay can keep the business afloat with great practices.

2. Wives Frustrated With Sex? They Have Spreadsheets Too.: Looks like creating a spreadsheet to document your marital sexual woes is the new wave. The wife in this spreadsheet documented 30 days of trying to get sex from her husband and what those results were. I don’t get it but I wonder if there are any other married couples that do that?

3. Stephen A. Smith Apologies For Domestic Violence Comments; Suspended For One Week: Stephen A. Smith recorded an apology (for his remarks on DV from Friday) on Monday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take and was then suspended for a week. I’m sure that Smith knew what he meant by his comments but didn’t clarify it to where it was properly understood. Even still, he would have received backlash from the public eye. Also it was noted that he has a new show that will be airing on SiriusXM Radio.

4. New Missy Elliot Album?: It’s been nine years since we’ve had a full blown Missy Elliot album and I’m sure the world is ready for her return. Timbaland says that she has a first single ready to go and it’s on her when she wants to release it. Come on Missy, we need this new heat.

5. Power Season Finale: The season one finale of Power airs this Saturday and questions needs to be answered. If you have Starz, just watch the first seven episodes because binge TV watching is in. After being told about the show by a co-worker, I’ve put others on to it. So what are you waiting for? Get to watching now!