Where I’m From: Old Town Mall

[Note: This series will be about my surroundings growing up in Baltimore. Pictures and stories will be used.]


Growing up in East Baltimore during the 1980’s, going down to the Old Town Mall was fun in itself. I remember it used to be crowded with shoppers and it was full of life. Then we moved down that way when I was around 7 years old. I remember when my mother used to do hair on Saturday mornings and I would earn money going around to the Belair Market to get breakfast for those that were over at my mother’s. The photo at the top was the record store that I would get my tapes from. Angie was the owner of that spot and she would have the latest rap tapes there a few days before. If it was something that I wanted, she would sell it to me before the release date. I would be going to school with a new tape on release day showing off. Played arcade games in Arundel’s and Maria’s Carryouts. Shoe City was where we used to cop the latest kicks. So many other stores and just an area full of life.

Today’s Old Town Mall? Abandoned buildings and weeds clutter the once lively area. It’s just dead. There are a few stores that still operates there. Drug trade litters as well. Back when Martin O’Malley was Mayor of Baltimore City, it was promised that some money would be used to redevelop that area. Two Mayors later and they still haven’t looked in that direction.