Midweek Thoughts 4/1/15

No April Fool

I hate when this day rolls around. Everyone comes with jokes, pranks and other foolishness. But one thing that you wouldn’t be fooled on is these Midweek Thoughts. Let’s knock them out.

1. Jay Z (And Partners) Wants Consumers To Respect Music; Re-Introduces Tidal: On Monday, there was a press conference where Jay Z and other artists including Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jack White, Nicki Minaj all came together to share their support for Tidal. Tidal is supposed to bring artists back into the forefront of music. If you’re looking to join, be prepared to pay $10 0r $20 (high-definition streaming) for the service. Jay Z promises to that artists who join will double their revenue which may be good for them. But if their albums are trash, then what is the point? My loyalties shall remain with Spotify.

2. Don’t Eat All Of The Salsa: Phyllis Jefferson of Akron, Ohio obviously doesn’t play with her salsa. The 50 year old stabbed her boyfriend, Ronnie D. Bucker in the pelvis with a pen after the victim apparently ate all of her salsa. Jefferson also knocked over his television before leaving. Police caught up with the suspect and she admitted to the crime stating that ‘she wanted to leave’. I’m sure her boyfriend won’t look at salsa the same again.

3. J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive Goes Platinum: I’m glad to see that one of my favorite hip-hop artists continues to see success in sales. J. Cole’s third album, Forest Hills Drive just went over the million mark and I’m sure that he’s going to gain more success in the years to come.

4. Get Out Of Your Racist Feelings, White ‘Murica: Whenever the event for Black Girls Rock comes around, it always seem as if White ‘Muricans get in their feelings and state that White Girls Rock. We’re celebrating the accomplishments of black women and if you want to rep your culture, do so.

5. Tyga Get Served While Hosting Shoe Party: Tyga was hosting a party for his LA Gear themed sneakers when he was served with court papers to appear. He went along with it like a good sport but from the video, it might be some trouble brewing.