Write 365: 365 – Fin.

When I began on this Brand New journey
I wondered if I could complete the task
Well here I am at Day 365 of this project
Looking back, it’s time to reflect and bask

One calendar year of daily writing
Would all of them be successful
Or fall victim to the dreaded burn out
Allowing what I built as sharp to turn dull

When I think of Nerd Boo climbing that pole
That’s the inspiration for Energy
Wishing prosperity for her in her fitness goals
My support and love for her is the key

Day 20, penned a few lines about my sleeping state
Dreams are still weird but meanings are clear
These illusions coming true would be a real blessing
Hoping that they are closer than they really appear

Throughout this project, I opened myself to myself and others
Question would be if I could continue this narrative
Another year of writing, would I be able to follow up
I’m journeying into Year 2 of keeping my mind and pen active