Write 366: 120 – Added Confidence

He was a shy kid that hid in the back during our classes
Wore comic book t-shirts and sneaks with coke bottle glasses
His mama tried to boost his self esteem with positive ambience
Told him what differs in him shouldn’t hinder his distance
There was a classmate named Chelsea that sat next to him in chemistry
Wore sweet perfume and if she brushed against him, he’d fill with glee

It was getting close to the end of their senior year
He wanted to ask Chelsea to prom but he was frozen with fear
Meanwhile, she’s been rejecting date offers since last quarter
She was awaiting one person to ask, that was her deciding factor
All that was needed was confidence on his end to shoot his shot
That’s a feeling to be earned through life and not taught

The night was young and everyone was dressed very formal
Limo door opened and Chelsea stepped out feeling graceful
They all wanted to know who was her date for the evening
The one that won her affection and denied other’s bidding
To their surprise, it was the kid with the coke bottle frames
The moral here is if you stand out, you can dim the light of lames