Write 366: 327 – Trying To Keep Cool

Am I under your spell which signals my movements
Changed my attitude and gave me reason to mature my garments
Lead me on course to a plane of greatness and something crisp
Nervous vibes as my words jumbled and I spoke with a slight lisp
Trying to keep it together as to not to come off as a cretin
She locked her hands within mine which told me to relax and have fun
One look into those hazel eyes and I was set adrift into her ambience
Once there, I didn’t mind being comfortable and at ease with my absence
Am I in a hallucination sequence where I’m pinched and then awake
Then like a puff of smoke, she vanished and I’m back to feeling desolate
In the middle of the night, where we did things that was deemed explicit
A text message shook me out of my trance minutes later that made me grin
Said she had to run but tonight she couldn’t wait for me to invade her skin