Write 365: 852 – Me Vs. Her

I can tell when my nemesis is on the low as she lurk
Trying to keep my cool as my reactions are knee-jerk
Not about our ongoing feud as I’m tangled in that drawback
Walls were sealed but the annoyances slipped in the crack
Prince warned us about the dangers of that little red corvette
That’s how emotions ends up empty and your heart swims in debt
Writing’s on the wall so I’m paying attention the language it speaks
Not easy looking for the solution so I’m constantly making tweaks

Blowing weed smoke from her remote location, she dumps the blunt ashes
Fool thinks just because his guard’s up, I can’t get through breaches
When you’re in my cross hairs, there’s no chance of making an escape
Won’t even realize what hit him once it all takes its final shape
Gave him an easy pass to take the turnpike but he took an alternate
He felt those bumps in the road, maybe that’ll set ’em straight
He doesn’t use the part of his brain to make life less complex
His world will further crumble as he don’t care for areas he neglects