Issa Recap: Insecure Season 2 ep 2

“Y’all fucked?!” – Molly

This is one reason as to why I’m glad Insecure doesn’t have an opening theme song. Soon as the episode begins, there is no time for greetings nor hugs and kisses. Molly gets right to the point.

This opening exchange was meant for Issa to tell Molly about the hookup she had with Lawrence. But it turns into this whole thing about what did that session mean in the long run. Molly asks Issa to describe ‘what type of fuck it was’ and Issa settles on ‘nebulous fuck’.

nebulous – adjective
1. hazy, vague, indistinct or confused
2. cloudy or cloudlike

fuck – verb
1. to have sexual intercourse with

Molly then says that Lawrence may just need more time. As Molly starts to get comfortable on Issa’s couch, she asks did the act happen there. When Issa confirms that it did, Molly hops up off the couch.

Lawrence is in what looks like a garage and he’s getting his workout on. He picks up his phone and tries to find the words to text Issa. But ends up deleting the message.

Molly is meeting up with her therapist again and she’s venting about the she’s doing most of the work in her firm. It made me think of how ladies (specifically Black ladies) are undervalued in the workplace. Molly knows that it’s all boys club when it comes to them and will figure out the best plan going forward. When the therapist asks if her ‘should(s) didn’t come to fruition, would you be open to your life looking a different way?’ That hit me deep and I’m not the one sitting on the couch. Molly sort of dismissed the therapist when she looked to make an appointment for the following week. “Um, I’ll call you.”

“I haven’t been Saturday drunk on a Thursday drunk in like a week.” – Kelli

At the California African American Museum, Issa, Molly and Kelli shows up for an event for Tiffany. Why does she have speaking lines? Okay, back to the event. Kelli is trying to get the ladies to go bar hopping for the weekend. Issa shoots down the idea. When pressed for why, Issa reveals that Lawrence came by and they had a ‘great conversation’. Molly called bullshit on that and asked what did they talk about. So Issa says they know they aren’t going to get back together at this moment but she’s holding onto hope. Tiffany discloses that her and Derek (really, Issa?) had some problems but they are great now. Molly being Molly wants to know details and Tiffany shuts it down. Issa wants to give him his space and says that five years just doesn’t up and leave. Kelli reminded her that for two of those years, Lawrence was sitting around working on his business plan. Issa says that if there’s a chance for them to work out, she wants to leave that option open. Then Kelli let’s the cat out of the bag:

“Does that mean he broke up with that girl?” The subsequent reaction from Tiffany told the entire story.

ISSA DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT TASHA!!!!!!! Tiffany found out from Derek and she thought she was a rebound. Issa states that she doesn’t care and within seconds, Molly pulls up Tasha’s IG account. Issa says that it’s petty to judge her and she doesn’t want to do that.

So I’m supposed to move on?
Go high, Michelle Obama
Well call me Lifetime bitch
Because I’m bringing the drama
Oh he with you now girl
Then why he come running back
Oh, you putting it down
Then why my nani his snack
My new name Alanis
’cause there’s shit you oughta know
I’ll do whatever to win
Fuck going high
I’m going low

The funniest moment is when Issa heads over to Chad’s to confront Lawrence. He’s not there but the exchange here had me rolling. Chad knows why Issa is there and he’s just fucking with her.

So what’s the deal with this television show within Insecure that stars Regina Hall? This time she has a scene with Scott Foley a.k.a. Jake from Scandal

So that’s what Tasha is watch and Lawrence is acting very distant. Tasha receives a text from her mother about a BBQ and extends the invite. Lawrence blurts out that he slept with Issa. Tasha responded with a simple ‘What?’ But inside, it was VIOLENCE! Lawrence tries to explain but she tells him to leave.

Issa’s brushing her teeth and looks down at her phone. So then she flips it over and is on Tasha’s IG page.

Molly finds about a Kings hockey game that’s going on the next day. Looks as if she’s trying to find her way in.

Issa and Frieda talks to the Assistant Principal Gaines about getting students more involved with We Got Y’all. Mr. Gaines promises to help them both with that. He then makes reference to the school overpopulating and jokes about ‘building a wall and making them pay for it’.

Lawrence then meets up with Chad, who is giving him the ‘Negro are you stupid’ look. Lawrence is here to see an apartment with Chad and there’s Eboni here to show him the spot. It’s obvious Chad and Eboni had a fling or two in the past.

“You should’ve sat, squatted and hatched an egg on that shit!” – Chad

“I mean just when I thought you were starting to pimp, you went right back to an old John Legend ass nigga.” – Chad

“You hear that Brian McKnight? Two bedrooms, one for you to sleep in and one for your feelings.” – Chad

The exchange from the day before still bothered Frieda a great deal but Issa’s like but we’re getting this assistance though.

Molly is at the suite for the hockey game. Meanwhile, Issa’s at home still lurking Tasha’s IG page. Back to the game, Molly is talking to co-workers about the realism of Netflix’s Black Mirror. She then goes to talk to her boss and feigns that interest in hockey.

Issa and Frieda seemed to found a breakthrough with the students and Assistant Principal Gaines makes another racist comment. This time telling a student that they speak English in this school and to save that Spanish for the bus. Frieda wants to report it but Issa’s asking why she wants to take away from the good? Issa knows that Frieda is right on this. Issa sees A.P. Gaines and thanks him. He makes mention of them sticking together. Just how the Mexicans and Jews are then makes another comment about how the school used to be all Black, now it’s browner than taco meat.

Molly tries to make a joke with her boss and he just blows her off.

Lawrence and Issa are in their respective homes. Lawrence in the bed, chilling. Issa is on Tasha FACEBOOK PAGE! I saw a young lady tweet ‘That’s right, Issa. Get all of those networks!’ So that’s what it comes down to, ladies?

Issa discovers that she works at the bank that he does business at. Issa goes to her job and sees that her bank is right near Best Buy. Cut to inside the bank, Issa says to Tasha that she wants to make a deposit. Then she punches her and yells ‘YOU GOT JALAPENO POPPED, BITCH!’

But it was just a fantasy.

Lawrence runs into Molly and they have an awkward exchange here. Lawrence tries to leave but Molly continues the conversation.

“Issa cheated but she’s not a cheater.” – Molly

Molly then asks would he take Issa back and he stands there silent.

One of two things could have happened: 1. Lawrence said that he wouldn’t. 2. Lawrence said that maybe he would but Molly told Issa different.

Issa sees Tasha then ducks low in her car. Molly calls Issa and gives her the update on her and Lawrence convo. Molly talks to Hannah, who is in Chicago and offers her services to her. Hannah says there’s some cases that she could use on if she didn’t mind the L.A. to Chicago transit for a few months. Molly making her own way.

Lawrence goes back by Tasha’s to apologize again and to tell her that what happened with Issa won’t happen again and that she doesn’t deserve that.

“We never said we was exclusive anyway.” – Tasha

Tasha says that she has some food on the stove and that she needs to get back inside. As Lawrence walks away, she asks ‘was he hungry’.

Issa’s back at home, making adjustments in her closet and moving her pillow to the middle of the bed. Issa picks up her phone and goes back on Tinder to respond to a message:

“Tryna fuck?”


This episode’s playlist isn’t up but these are the songs that I caught:

1. Boogie – “No Way

2. Teedra Moses – “You Better Tell Her

3. LION BABE – Jump Hi

4. Kilo Kush – Frustrations + Solutions

5. SZA – Supermodel

What Will Happen Next

Issa is gonna revisit the dating pool with some issues. Lawrence will accompany Tasha to the BBQ and her family will have questions. Molly will travel back and forth between L.A. and Chicago.

See you all next week!